So Disqus solved the troll problem, right?


Seems pretty par for the course :stuck_out_tongue:

Why hasn’t that troll been blacklisted yet?

I don’t know man, that is definitely the worst behavior I’ve seen thus far.

We had trolls before hand, but it was NEVER this bad.

No I know. The Skullgirls thing…holy shit. It’s like he literally has NOTHING ELSE TO DO.

The less you care, the happier you’ll be.

It’s sad how Skullgirls related news seem to attract so many haters and trolls… =(

Don’t give that shit, there is literally someone openly ruining Skullgirls related topics on the front page.

I mean for fucks sake he posted close to 100 times in that thread, and he’s done things akin to it in every other Skullgirls thread.

Can we actually do something about this?

Dude, why get angry over Frontpage comments? Ever since we started operating frontpage posts seperately from Forum posts, Trolls have been worse than ever. I just stopped reading front page comments instead of getting mad at every troll who insulted the games I like.

I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just saying it’s literally easier not to care so much.

Trolls seem just as bad on this side than the front page

I don’t feel like throwing in the towel and I like supporting a game I Iike on the front page, that’s why.

wait which guy are we hating,

i have it down to like 3

He is this same guy:

And he trolls on every topic: Skullgirls, SFxT, posting stupid things in FGD, etc.

You are right, but people wants to comment on something they like and see more interesting things, i know this is the internet and trolls will always exist, but sometimes is not fair to see a nice front page article for the fans and some idiot comes to ruin it.

I found people were most chill when it was only Facebook comments on the Frontpage. Seriously, like every article I read had only upbeat, (mostly) positive comments.

But I dunno, the frontpage represents so little of the actual fanbase. I’m all for doing things the easy way and avoiding as many rage induced headaches as possible. The frontpage is like Youtube comments; why argue with them when you could just talk on the forums with the majority of the people who actually CARE about the game?

Honestly, when it was solely facebook accounts, that was the most civil (and dead) that the front page has been since I’ve starting frequenting SRK. Ideally (at least in my opinion), SRK would go back to that system or at least linking it to the forum accounts. Since Disqus not only didn’t find a happy medium, it’s made the trolling and spamming worse than it was before.

UBanned bro?

Yeah, I agree. It was kinda dead with Facebook (the price to pay, I suppose?)

Frontpage comments going back to the Forums would alleviate some of the heavier trolling, though. But then new trolls would pop up and the cycle would continue ad nauseum.

Honestly, I feel like a broken record, but the easiest thing to do is not care so much. Not so much as letting the bad guys win as cutting your losses for sanity’s sake. Y’know, in my opinion.

Instead of giving the trolls the spotlight (which means they’ve done their job) how about contacting a few Mods or key names like Wizard or Keits privately?

You’re looking like a big baby right now.

Cut that shit out.

You are reacting the way literally exactly how the troll wants you to react.



What about disabling comments entirely, then creating a discussion thread for each news item and linking to the thread in the story itself? I think that would be a decent compromise, because there would still be discussion over topics, and it may be easier to moderate since it’s part of the forums.