So does anyone have opinions on the hitbox?


I was considering buying one, but i have everything i need to make one already and i want to learn how so im going that route. Also, I see people talking about them a bit but i never hear impressions about them and would like to hear em.


I am wondering the samething about this. I used to play fighting games on my computer keyboard and it made execution accurate once I got used to it. My guess is that it would be simular if not better. It is kool that control is expanding to other options besides joysticks


Well, I own a Huffer Brothers’ Hitbox, but I’m not very proficient with it and usually prefer to go back to stick when I’m not practicing on it. Like transitioning from pad to stick, there is a steeper learning curve for using the Hitbox after using stick for few years.

But I never had much experience with playing games using my keyboard, so the rate at which a person will be able to adapt to the directional input scheme will vary for each individual.


It’s not that new of an idea to replace buttons for joysticks. I can see the appeal in it. A lot of it came from the keysticks like this:

People would play on keyboards for GGPO, Melty Blood, and what have you, and when they actually needed a controller for tournaments, they would make sticks that accommodate.

I can -see- why hitboxes look appealing. They -seem- more accurate because your fingers are right there on the directions, you could move faster, true. But there’s a point of where speed on the joystick doesn’t matter, it all boils down to execution. And if you can’t do a combo on a stick, there’s no way you’re doing it on a hitbox without practice. To me, the joystick is just tons more appealing, because I’m not near as coordinated in my left hand as my right, so having a stick suits my needs much better.

The layout is certainly different, and that’s what really edges it out over a keystick. It’s like astro city versus the straight American style. You can play the straight style if you’re hell-bent on that experience you had on the MvC cab back in the day, but it doesn’t conform to the shape of the hand. Keysticks don’t allow you to have all four fingers on a button, not that I would ever feel that there’s any disadvantage to not having so. We have six buttons and five fingers, so having four buttons and three fingers isn’t going to hurt that much. Of course, the layout is a matter of taste. Much like the LS-32 is the taste of some, but the JLF is the taste of others, the layouts are just different.

IMO, I like sticks too much. I can execute just fine, it’s just usually a matter of timing that gets me when I practice. I wouldn’t want to go to this possibility of “perfect execution” and throw it all away to lean something completely new.

The only difference in making one is that you have to drill a different layout. Wire the buttons normally. For the buttons to control the directions, use the signal wires (The wires connected to up, left, right, down) to connect to one side of the button. The other side will be connected to ground.


I threw one together in a shoebox just to try out as I was considering buying one. I thought they would be easier to pickup on, especially after all the stories you read about people using them in the HitBox thread and tbf it was hard… I would expect some motions to be hard but just doing a half circle motions and actually getting it to hit all the directions and do the move was hard. For example one thing I thought would be very easy on the hitbox would be TK CS and I only managed to be able to do a few EX ones, not even normal ones.

On the other hand, playing charge characters is hilarious as you can charge back and keep it held and just press forward without taking your finger off back and the second that forward is released it goes back to back. This results in being able to charge faster than possible on a stick. I dunno, that’s just my thoughts on it. Like anything if you spent the time to learn it I’m sure it would be good.


I always thought that it would interesting to give it a try! :slight_smile:


Eh I was thinking about it but I rather just stick to stick.

Just like when I first got my stick I was going to play with my right hand moving the stick but I instead just adjusted to left hand and now if I tried to go back to right hand I wouldn’t be able to do half the things I can do with my left. I mean sure, instant charges and super-jumps are appealing but fighters are more than just perfect execution. If you’re still playing on keyboard and don’t want to adjust to stick by all means go for it.


The way I see it is if you’re proficiant on a stick, there’s no real reason to change. If you were thinking of getting a stick and you’ve only used a pad - then a ‘hitbox’ is merely another option to consider.


It takes some getting used to, but every ounce of love you put into it, it loves you back.
I’m working on guides to help along the proficiency.

I had 0 keyboard experience when we made the first one of these, and I played in a tourney the next week.


I spent abit more time with it last night just doing some trials messing around with it and I could certainly see it being really good if you put the time into it, no doubt. I just thought doing stuff on it would be easy to pickup. I find doing any kind of TK motion impossible for some reason. QCF are easy, as are charge moves (like ridiculously so). Half circles are a lil’ more difficult but certainly not impossible and I found 360’s in the middle really. Haven’t tried 720’s yet. I’m starting to like it more but stand by my previous statement of them being merely another option and not a be all and end all execution solver like some people make them out to be.