So does Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend move forward with the story?

to be honest im only really interested in getting it if it actually moves on with the story from which CS ended with. Although I might get it anyway…

So whats the deal with the story?

I think it adds some side stories for the new characters (maybe just minor ones rather than a full story mode?). But im pretty sure it doesnt continue the main arc.

Adds a full story mode for all the DLC characters.

So no, it doesn’t “move forward” with the story - you’re not going to find out anything that happens after the “end” of BBCS. You’re going to see a little bit more of what was going on before and during it, in the form of some of the story stuff that was released with the PSP/DS release of BBCS, and the new story segments for Makoto/Valkenhayn/Platinum/Relius.

and I guess you get the CT story too if you missed it.