So easy to get scratches on TE top panel!


Ive had an xbox round 1 TE for a few months and I’ve never scratched the top of it. I wipe off the oil from my hands (after a SFIV session) with either a micro fibre cloth or sometimes just a towel or whatever…but it’s never scratched it.

Ive just bought a round 1 for PS3 though and the top scratches soooooo easily! I have just cleaned it with a very soft non-abrasive micro fibre cloth and there are millions of very fine scratches and swirl marks on it now! wait…some dust just landed on it and there is another scratch! omg…I breathed on it…more scratches! (you get the idea XD…it’s damn easy to scratch this thing!)

why is there a difference between the scratch resistance of the control panels on these 2 sticks?

Im not even careful with my xbox TE but there is not a single scratch on the top.


Your post is extremly unclear, but here’s what I believe I read.

You havea old stick with plexiglass ontop of the artwork.

You have a NEW stick without plexiglass ontop of the artwork.

The reason why the first doesnt scratch as easy is because it’s protected and covered with plexiglass, and the second one isnt and is just the cheap stock artwork?

Not sure if that’s it, but you didnt give much details about your second stick.


just to clarify…

Both sticks are as they came when I bought them. I haven’t added anything to either of them…

I clean the top of the xbox TE with a cloth…no scratches

I clean the top of the PS3 TE with the same cloth…millions of very fine scratches all over it.


Maybe they changed the type of material recently?

Also I noticed you edited your original post and removed the part where you said they have plexi glass ontop of the art :stuck_out_tongue:


I didnt say “plexi glass” I just said “plexi”…but I guessed that me saying “plexi” confused you, because you thought that meant I had bought a plexi from arts hobbies or someone when in fact I just meant the original plexi/acrylic/artwork/top/control panel (whatever you wanna call it) that comes on it when you buy one…



there is no difference between them… but man good read.


Scratches give a stick character!
So I hear…:confused:


Srs, any body who doesnt have any kind of scratches or marks on their stick are using it wrong. These things were meant to be played on, thats why they’re call Tournament Editions. Before i sold my TE it looked like it was put in a concrete mixer.


Get a plexi to cover the stock Mad Catz art or replace the original artwork with laminated artwork…

Those are the only ways the art WON’T get scratched!

Seriously, the material that coats the stock art is very thin and not scratch-resistant at all.

I didn’t care for the stock art on both my R1’s and got rid of it… Sold one art panel to another SRKer and have plans to ditch the second when I get a new plexi. Two of my TE’s already have replacement artwork. I’m working on getting my other R1 TE top panel covered with a white acrylic plexi with inscribed art. It’s just bitchy expensive for me and Art Hong is busy as heck this time of year with orders…


I’m just surprised that no one has made a joke yet about the dude polishing his stick. whistles innocently


Oh, that’s mean…

But it’s funny!


show me a man who doesn’t polish his stick and I’ll show you a man with a stick that’s not worth polishing XD