So exactly what frames of the lightning attack is unblockable?

I’ve heard a lot about this, but I don’t quite understand it. Does it have to crossup, or are there frames in it that are indeed unblockable?

Yeah, it’s a 50/50 “unblockable”.

you can sort of do the same thing with,, otg, then LA forward JUST as they land from the otg bounce, into LS

Well all I can say is just do the lightning attack when the dead body starts to flash as it dissapears. I would say because I can’t even remember the last time someone has block it that its the best thingt to do with her in the corner cause if you have sent and two meters its like a free la xxx super dhc hsf into what ever you want you could launch into sj.lp sj.lp sj. lk rocket punch and ether go for the unblock able with a falling hp hk crouching laser or you could mix it up and fall with a lp lk normal jump hp throw into lk. fly lk lk rocket punch or instead of normal jumping for the throw you could just walk up throw or when you fall with the lp lk wait till they hit the ground and normal jump into a lk hk xxx fly lk hk down rocket punch.

Those are just some ideas as to what that lightning attack cross up is good for but since this is about storm here is a little trick I learned.

When you land the Lightning Attack xxx Lightning Storm hold down and mash lp so if they decide to roll since they usually always roll into the corner if you crouch and mash lp you can cause them to wake up into the block stun of it and use a quick normal jump tri jump lk but instead of going down forward at them just go up down and that usually will trick them.

or if they roll after the cross up hits hold up forward so the instant you can move from doing the super do a trijump downforward and hit lp and if you do it just right you can keep them from actually getting to the corner cause you will float over them and make them wake up just outside of the corner and the normal jump tri jump with lp should hit them once in the back of the head and then you will be in the corner so you can land and do whatever!

Got another question for you guys:

OTG after DHC’ing in with Hail. What is required for that to be done? Does the opponent have to be hit close to Storm, midscreen to Storm? Or something else?

when opponent is in the corner usually works the best. you just need storm to be as close as possible so whatever dhc does that is good. if close enough you can dash d/f asap and otg with a lk / launch.

i’ve also combo’d mags projectile in there, as in i hail stormed (mashed) and called mags assist (you can call it considerably early during the super) maybe mash a little more and the hailstorm will last a BIT longer. magneto’s projectile will hit immediately after hailstorm and if you’re close enough you can launch etc