So fornicating disapointing capcom has become


I dont want to rant to much or talk too much shit about capcom.

That being said, wtf man like are you for real. I wouldnt have minded a face swap character if they didnt try to hype it so fucking mych before hand. If you decide to hype up an unannounced character you better make sure that its hype.

Now that thats out of the way, lets talk about headswaps that SHOULD have been i the game if capcom was gonna be this fucking lazy. How about a fucking alex, i mean his sprite is basically abel 3d model. How fucking easy would it have been to pu him in the game yet they didnt. What about fucking urien, seth uses his model and sagat is pretty much seths model as well. He already shares half his normals with seth so even fucking easier.

Now if capcom werent fucking lazy bitches with no fucking immagination whatsoever i would have loved to see a character like oro or birdie, but since they going for headswaps and existing models we still could have been far better of with urien and alex.

I just hope some of you fuckers buy the game as soon as its out, get bored by it and sell it. I want this shit second hand, capcom aint getting a dime from me. Ill buy your used copy for 10 bucks peoples.


I used to be mad at the anime but now I embrace it. I am powered by it. I will learn Oni, E.Ryu and now Decapre. After all this, I will become…


Let the Satsui no Anime consume you!



hakan voice


SFV is the last hope for them. Just pray.

As for Decapre, I can see myself getting over her inclusion if Capcom includes her original design as an alt and tweaks her stance and normals both to accommodate her established character and further deviate her from Cammy.


I am overjoyed. Another doll AND Elena in a game that isn’t SFxT? I’m there.


OP playing her DAY ONE. HOLD DAT.



I love how bitchy people get over a “Cammy” clone, yet see a game with 1/3 cast of shoto clones and have no problems with it. It’s a new charge character that will act very different than Cammy. Also, I love the fact that Alex/Abel are so similar, yet it would’ve been preferred in this instance. Same difference.


[sarcasm]This is one of the best posts in SRK.[/sarcasm]


…I think that they have provided more than enough in this update considering the number of people who are likely to buy it.


Don’t matter. You guys are still going to buy USF4 like everybody else. Capcom wins. They’ve learned they don’t have to give a shit, because people are still going to put money in their pockets.


Shoto clones. Like gouken and sagat and Sakura right? Lmao.


Alex and Abel are not similar at all

And I’ll hazard a guess that most people who are complaining about Cammy clones are not a fan of how many shotos there are either.

It would be nice if we could not make up straw men to argue against.


All I read was:

RANTRANTRANTRANTRANTRANT, B-But (insert the characters i wanted here) could’ve been in the game instead! I hate Capcom…

…someone give me their copy tho, i still wanna play it…


Watch your mouth, Yoda.


Dear overly concerned consumer:

I’m so sorry how much of a disruption the announcement of Decapre has been to your life. Allow me to help heal these wounds.

If you follow these steps, things WILL get better. I promise you that.

  1. Stand up from your chair.
  2. Begin walking.
  3. Now that you are walking, we are looking for a door. That would be a big wooden thing with a brass knob on one side of it.
  4. When you find this door, turn the knob, open the door, and walk through it.
  5. If said door lands you in a darker room, exit the door, and try again. That is a closet. We definitely don’t want to go there.
  6. Keep searching until the door you walk through leads to a very large room with a blue ceiling and a really bright light. This room should also have a green floor and green and brown decorations.

With these steps, I am certain you will be on the road to recovery.

Missing Person


Calm down, dude. It’s a cool character.


Then Capcom and your spelling are on the same level.


You guys expected capcom to shell out another couple mill to make this character on type of the people they are paying to tweak the game and test it? You REALLY think this is going to sell that much that it warrants that much cost?

The hate on Capcom sometimes just shows how ignorant people can be about the industry sometimes.


Don’t forget the shit Capcom pulled with Darkstalkers. Showing a brand new Darkstalkers trailer in 3d, claiming they are not dead. Then releasing a port of old Darkstalker games for the umpteenth time. Finally saying they are dead…you should have bought the port!