So gouken's parry/counter move



did anyone know this move works on ultra combos? i was shocked when my opponent went to hit me with blanka’s unltra and i parried/countered it away


I lol’d.


ya don’t say…



After you stop fighting people who do wake up ultras, it becomes mostly a novelty. Though, I believe it’ll become immensely useful if the Kongo in SSFIV works independently of how much health you have. Then you can prevent some of those nasty chip deaths.

I remember a Ryu did a wake up ultra to me when he was pinned to the corner… Kongo > FADC > Ultra back at him, it was pretty cool :lol:


The easiest way to find out what moves can be countered is to go to any characters move list and see what particular specials, ultras have armor break properties. Just watch out for reversals, especially on df parry.


Hello everyone, I’m new around here so firstly I’d like to say Hi!! :slight_smile:

Theres a decent vid on YouTube showing which Supers & Ultra’s Gouken can Kongo --> [media=youtube]wTikuiGYsMU"[/media]

Personally I have a lot of success using it against Blanka. If you stand very close to a downed Blanka it’s very easy to bait them into doing a wake up Ultra. Dash back and then Kongo works a treat!


you dont want to use kongoshin against wakeup supers and ultras.
they are likely to count as a reversal and break your kongo.


You can parry any fireball in any form though reversal or otherwise.


i just tested it and you are right, you can kongo regular, super and ultra fireballs when they are reversals.



Just click here for the complete list and more.


LOL… this is why some people refer to Gouken as a boss character. LOL


Boss char? Baha LOL how many times do u see wake up reversal fb’s besides a desparation ryu wake ultra but if I was close enuff I would just start inputting my own ultra unless I wanted to be flashy. Than fadc into ultra provided I was near a corner. That’ll teach him to wake up ultra


I being sarcastic… Gouken by no means is a Boss Character.


I know but I’ve actually had someone tell me that in g2 while they were even using Seth I so miss g2 :frowning:


Why do you miss G2??? The comp is better in G1, plus you get to deal with all the gimmicks and throw attempts LOL.


too bad kongo is rarely the best response even when it would work.
if you have 1 ex bar, ex demon flip is much better than kongo in response to a super or ultra fireball.
ultra is better if you have it as well.
the only time kongo comes into play is against a raw ultra or super when you have no meters.


Yes thecomp is better if ya don’t mind untechable lag throws and interrupted lag strings I mean block strings. Heh. Everyone was so naive and was so much easier to df parry and mix ups cause people had more trouble with reversal window timing so.

But anyway back on topic I totally agree ex df much better option but nothing makes gouken grin more than to Kongo a desperation metsu for the win and slap ryu in the face and say NO!!! I’m the master bitch, Sho’nuff!


I remember investigating all of them one-by-one, and was actually stunned by many of the things I found. Some have armor break only at particular hits, can parry Honda’s super but not ultra, baffling. I was amazed to recently, though, that you can EX FADC out of the hit. I did it accidentally, then found I can juggle the opponent with the ultra in the corner. It’s not going to be useful most of the time, I’m sure, but if it does happen, it’s definitely something to keep in mind.


You can also add in ex gohado before ultra for some serious damage.

In my opinion though Kongo isn’t the option its meant to be especially with it being tied to the FA system. Wtf is upwhen I predict that you were gonna try and srk me and it gets snuffed cause it was a reversal or I didn’t have have enough health. Gouken is the only character in any fight game I ever played that gets punish for his special when its meant,no, matter of faceted when its need to be used. Think about, how many times have u been chipped to death cause u didn’t have enough meter to ex df a fb from full screen when a wake up Kongo should actually prevent that.