So Guilty Gear comes out tomorrow

Anyone not already playing thinking about getting into it?

I’m kind of interested as I’m a little burnt out on 3s, but I know nothing of the game honestly.

HAAAAA! Your converting! lol! The disease spreads, like wild fire.

I never really got into Guilty Gear…wasnt into that different system of fighting…

My nig. I started getting into GG when i first went to Sakura Con…

Shit was nuts back in the day.

I learned some shit about it.

did a dustloop inf on Mikey… Shit was saucy.

I will be buying it. I hate the system, but it is mandatory for masters of the fighting game genre to know the basics of every game out there. IMO it took way too long for a US version.

‘Course I’m gettin’ it. I love GG even though Seattle doesn’t.

My EB games says they won’t get it until 3PM later today. I will probably stop by after work and spend that gwop.

Actually I lied, I’ll probably just burn/copy it… I didn’t buy these fucking swapdiscs for nothing. >_>

So the EB games close to work only got 1 copy of the game since no one reserved it, and for some fucking reason it was sold. No stores around me have it. Rage consumes me.

I’mma hold off… I"m still in the SLach>>>Accent Core camp. Besides, I’ve the JP ver.

G/L with that. You’re in a giant club of maybe like… 3 people… anywhere. They all play Ky. BEST COMP EVAR.

Heh, man, do I hate Ky. Nah, seriously. I jus’ need a bit more time to warm up to AC. Beastin’ Testament has me super discouraged. I jus’ need to practice practice practice… (with Millia, Axl, Faust)

…damn Testament.

Pablo if you want I can pick up a copy and give it to you tomorrow at gw. My store still has about 5 copies. Or you can just go there and get it yourself.

It’s the gamestop right outside the mall by big5/red robbins/etc.

No worries, thanks for looking out though. I’ll check more stores later, if not I’ll just order online.

Getting my copy on Friday before I got to work.
Got it reserved like 2 weeks ago.

Random: Wtf :rofl: TornadoFlame, why you out of the Lounge and Wrestling threads? pokes with stick back to your hole.


Actually, Testament’s not that bad, as long as you keep in mind that you’ll never ever ever trade favorably with him… so avoid trades.

Also, the EXE beast won’t go away if you hit him out of it, so you’ll most likely trade with it.

Er… If I were you, I’d stick to one character to start out, aaaand… if you really want to beat Testament, go with Axl.

venom or lose lol

Venom’s too hard for my blood. :rofl:

But if you’ve seen Blacksnake (US) or especially N-O (JP) play, it’s obviously quite worth it to learn.

I’m still debating on who to use.

I’ve narrowed it down to I-No, A.B.A, Bridget and Ky.
I on;y want to use 2 of the four though…and I’m REALLY leaning towards A.B.A/Bridget


Well, I’d say that both of those are characters that could use more players… But in the PNW, I don’t think we have any Bridgets at all.

But uh… don’t focus too much on learning multiple characters at first.