So here I am, going for Fox Hound on MGS3

European Extreme.

No kills, alerts, or special items used within 2 hours of playing.

I get past Ocelot, The Pain, and The Fear, all Stamina kills.

I get to the cut scene where you fight The End.

My power goes out. I never saved.

Fuck my life.

Blog it so it will be neatly stashed away in a place people can continue to not give a shit about.

LOL damn I wish there was a feature to 5 star posts instead of only threads. :lol:


That game can be beat in less than two hours? wtf…seriously though very impressive

I second FiveTwelve’s advice.

gamefaqs is that way —>

Where is the entertaining bit?

why do europeans get an extra hord difficulty???

GW still works

Don’t mind the jerks. I feel your pain. When you fall down just get back up again.