So ... how about a SF3 chit chat thread

Let us start a chit chat thread. Like the SF3 version of the ‘SRK Lounge’.
What do you guys think of Twelve doing ‘ok’ to ‘doing well’ in casual tournaments and smaller tournaments, but having no place to stand in official tournaments like SBO and EVO? Maybe not EVO?

tell that to yamazaki

I remember hearing about an amazing trend that top players are starting to use XCOPY in tournaments.

I started playing in a “mash” style using the end of my penis for attack buttons and got good with hugo…

I think SK tried to get me again but no he is not kicking me out. I say we start some sort of rebellion on “S’ ‘r’ K”. We need a republic run by the people FOR the people.

Btw I am proposing a SF3 RPG Contest, to be held on GGPO. I already posted it in the GGPO section but here it is again. Guys start picking your characters.

If you are so unhappy with this forum then leave. I don’t really see anybody else having problems. No need for a rebellion.

Oh noes you dont. I THINK… I will stay.

nobody cares what you do your just gonna get banned EVERY SINGLE TIME…give it up…you make it obvious too by posting ridiculous threads which clog up the 3s forums…give it up already…your not coming back here

quit making shitty threads and shitty posts and creating a new account every time you get banned. you’re going to keep getting shitted on and laughed at. please never post here again.

The people repeatedly request for you to gtfo. I give the people what they want. See you next time, when you make another account for me to ban.

Thank you!!! You’re boom.

fucking owned

Yeah. You’ve got me.

as worded by a fellow SRK community member:

Nothing can stop Bison.


Why hasn’th there been an IP ban yet?

Just stop responding to his threads, it’s too obvious, and he’ll tire of it if no one plays with him. In other words, don’t feed the trolls.