So how balanced is Tekken 6?

Hi, I just want to know about how balanced Tekken 6 is. I never really played the other Tekken games, so Im not sure how they were. The reason Im wondering is because I would think it would be really hard to balance out 40+ characters, more than any other fighting game I know. So for anyone that knows, how balanced is Tekken 6?


Troll post?

Anyhow, if you look at tourney results and player rankings, everyone’s represented. General consensus is that everyone has a chance at winning, with only Zafina being the weakest.

Yoshi is the 2nd worst (supposedly) and he’s winning tourneys, so I’d say pretty balanced.

IMHO, I think a lot of people see Yoshi as “weak” because to win with him, you really need to know his frames. He’s got a ton of crazy stuff IF you know him well, and you know how to pull off his shenanigans without being predictable.

That dude’s dangerous in the right hands though.

Low tier characters can always win tournaments, but Tekken is pretty good in that regard. Differences between a single tier, I’d say are incredibly small. Bryan vs Zafina, though, you might see some signs of the tier list.

It’s not that bad at all, though.

well. everything seems to be ballanced. i just still hate how they didn’t take out jullia’s “combo tank” issue.

Well, there’s no insanely 1 sided fights like SF4’s infamous Seth vs Zangief if that’s what you’re asking.

no no thats not what i mean. i mean that Jullia’s style allows a small combo to be unblockable after the first hit. i forget what the name of one. but it starts out as a low hit, than a mid hit than a high and if you can’t block that low than you just get swept out on your ass. that and the speed of them have been increesed alittle making it easier for the player who uses jullia to link them in a chain.

Well where can I see the results of those tourneys? To me it seems like some characters are not getting much play at all.

IIRC, Yoshi gets love in Japan. I think one of the better Yoshi’s showed up at SBO, but I can’t recall for sure. (Last I heard, ShinZ also picked up Yoshi)

Otokonoko is one of the best ones out there also, but then again Noko has been playing with Yoshi for years apparently. South Korea has one of the best Yoshi’s as well, he goes by Mellow Breeze. Unfortunately I’ve yet been able to see him in Tekken Crash, the vids probably haven’t been uploaded yet.

Yes he is actually, I remember reading the tier lists the other day, and he’s in fact low-tier, but yet I’ve seen many winning with him as well.

Hmm… whaever happen to Souten eh, he had a really good Yoshi in DR.

I was talking about the OP, not your post.

The combo you’re talking about is Julia’s 4~2,1… It’s actually low, high, mid. The tricky part about the move is that because the high and the low come at almost the exact same time this low is 100% uncrushable(except for MAYBE by asuka’s b+3, will have to test this theory). One thing you must remember at all times against Julia is simple though, if the high hits along with the low the mid can be blocked.

Basically, it works like this… The low gives a bigger frame advantage than the high, and the high has shorter range. So if spaced properly where the high misses the mid is guaranteed. If the high hits though, the mid is launch punishable if the julia player didn’t think to hit confirm it. The whole string hits on counter hit IIRC. Basically, against julia you MUST keep out of range 2 or you’ll fall to the elbow/4~2,1 mix-up all day long. Either keep at range 3 for her to miss either, or fight point blank, but do NOT EVER stay in range 2, as she WILL control the fight if you do.

Really, in my opinion they need to remove the ability to hit confirm that move.

Tekken 6 is so balanced it’s the only reason why Miguel has trouble standing still.


i play with yoshi and i do just fine

Tekken 6 is really balanced. Any character can beat any character in Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion
as long as you apply yourself and learn your character well enough.

This is why I love tekken so much. It doesn’t matter who you play you can overcome anything thats thrown in front of you unlike Blazblue.

What do you mean by the whole string hits on counter hit. In what situation are you refering to? thanks

He means that, on counter hit, you can’t block the mid even if you eat the high, whereas if the low and the high had hit normally, you’d be able to block the mid after the high, because of the pathetic hit stun of the normal high.

Hope that made as much sense to you as it did in my head, lol.

And if julia fucks up that string, the mid is launch punishable.