So how 'bout dem nerfs?

• Target Combo 2 120 damage

  • • Target Combo 3 120 damage*
  • • Target Combo 4 130 damage, -6 on block for second hit*
  • • Target Combo 5 70 damage*
  • • cr.LK has an upward extended hurtbox*
  • • cr.MP damage from 60 to 50*
  • • Higher high restriction for Raigekishu (dive kick), for LK, MK, and HK (all versions)*
  • • +2 extra frames of hit, block stun on Raigekishu*
  • • Senpukyaku (i’m assuming overhead) from 85 damage to 80 during Gen’ei Jin*
  • • LK, MK, HK Zenpou Tenshin slowed to 11F, EX to 8F*
  • • No throw invincibility on EX Zenpou*
  • • EX Zesshou (lunge) hit distribution changed from 7/2 to 6/3, -1 on block*
  • • MP, HP Kobokushi (palm) meter gain to +20*
  • • LP Koboku is 25 frames total, MP, HP 45 frames total*
  • • MP, HP Koboku damage from 160 to 140, stun from 250 to 200; chip damage for MP, HP to 30*
  • • Active frames for MP, HP Koboku to 10*
  • • Nishoukyaku (up kicks): LK only has invincibility up (and including) the first active frame*
  • • More landing recovery on all versions (including EX)*
  • • MK Nishou from 130 damage to 110*
  • • Tetsuzanko (shoulder): HP damage from 140 to 100, EX from 80+70 to 90+40 (130 total); during the projectile invincible parts of the move, Yun’s hurtbox against physical strikes is expanded*
    • Gen’ei Jin is a second shorter, does less damage


-Hate mail reduced by 60%

you missed one


I can’t wait to see how many of the “I’ve liked yun since SF3” people will drop him.

70% fewer Yun players confirmed for 2012 edition.

Even though I was clearly trolling in my previous post…I gotta say this thread is surprising quiet for something is ridiculously unfair (although deserved.) Did the entire Yun army commit Seppuku? Crap load of views with no responses… I think there are a lot of people checking this forum just to relish in the future misery of Yun players…lol. Please indulge me

I don’t play Yun. Hell, I hate that guy. But this seems like they went a little overboard.

I’ll probably put more time into the character when 2012 drops.

Gotta say the silence in this thread show that most yun players didnt actually care for the character, just for the easy wins.

I think he still has a chance to be a strong character even with all these nerfs but it still seems a bit much.I was really hoping they wouldnt nerf yun that hard not because I play him as a sub but because playing him has let me know that he is not anywhere near as broken as people act like he is.I dont want to see any character nerfed beyond reason though.Sadly capcom does that all the time because they listen to the majority of players…and we all know how most players feel about yun.

I think people are still jumping the gun, there are still location tests yet. This could all be subject to change, this is all preliminary so far. It certainly won’t stop me playing Yun, if anything people should learn to play differently instead of complaining about what has been taken away

I expected an increase as an influx of people change their OP complaints into “hahaah fuck you guys” instead.

People just needed time to look at the match-up too, there are plenty of very good anti-Yun techniques being used now, but like anything else, the majortiy of people moaning would rather have a character dumbed down or theirs increased rather than actually aquire some skill. Yes, obviously Yun was a little OP in some areas, but far from unbeatable.

I don’t think the nerfs are that bad, they’re just mostly damage nerfs. It doesn’t seem the frame nerfs will hinder his ability to combo that much. Longer start-up on his command throw, and more recovery frames on his target combo #4 in exchange for +2 more frames of block/hit stun on the dive kick is fair to me. You can hit the opponent higher with the dive kick and still combo into medium punch. More recovery frames on Up Kicks means it’s easier to punish, and that you probably can’t combo into light Lunge Punch anymore. Overall, you lose moderate damage output, and pressure ability didn’t get hit quite as hard but still noticeable. I’m not too worried, judging by it on paper at least. I’m just glad Yun didn’t get it badly as Yang.

the worst nerf imo is the added recovery on dragon kicks. His oki wont be anywhere near as good now and thats one of the things i think made him a really good character

really aint feeling the divekick change either and wow tc4 is assssss now

Well i have pretty mixed feelings about all of this on one hand there is still a couple? lok tests and anything could change, on the other hand obv yun needs to be nerfed but i really do not like the dive kick change and the cmd grab changes while i think the cmd is too good i think it got hit way to hard. Also if you factor in all of these changes i think its really stupid to nerf his upkicks so hard the only reason they were so dumb before wasn’t because the move itself was to good but he got out for almost free then owned you now they do less dmg are less safe and less invinicble and he still cant fadc and he also got hit pretty hard in dmg and mixups.

Edit: also from what i heard there is a addition to the dive kick “change” aka nerf he also has 2 more frames of recovery if wiffed.

Indeed it will.

HAHAHAHAH! Fuck you guys! Yun got nerfed even harder than I thought! His command grab is even slower than MAKOTO’S! You can sweep him out of it and have time left! XD

AHAHAHAH! XD Fuck you guys!

LOL caught in the act :stuck_out_tongue: Although as a Claw player, I think I have earned the right to do so.

Wow, this is retarded, Fei seems untouched if you compare those two nerfs.
I will still play Yun, but only as a alt, Ibuki is pretty good now imo.

U know now that I look at these nerfs I gotta say, its not REALLY that bad. I mean its a lot of damage nerfs which does suck but a lot of Yuns would literally go blindfolded and do:
Divekick…Did it work?
Do it again…Did it work?
Ok do the target combo…did it work?
Divekick…Did it work?
Ok do the target combo…did it work?
Do u have super?
Genei Jin
Do u have super?
Ok chose a random special to end your combo…Start over at step 1

Now of course thats not a diss to those who play Yun with any sort of tact however its really silly when u combine EX Lunge punches insanity. I think the people who play Yun well will only find his nerfs be nothing but bump in the road. Also the upkick nerfs is huge. I find that many Yuns I fight and many I have seen (daigo included) seem to think that Upkicks on wakeup is a completely reasonable wakeup option 80% of the time. Why? Because they know that their offense is SO ridiculous that its more worth it to mashout than to defend. Not to mention vs some characters u can mash out and basically get away with it because it puts u so far away that its hard to punish. Generally speaking these nerfs had to happen. Some matches were just stupid. I play Bison, Sim and Abel…and I gotta say most of the time I spend trying to keep the twins out and as I watch them whiffing palms from full screen to build EX meter just so they can EX lunge punch their way in I think to myself “this is bullshit, wtf is the point.” As I watch replays of My favorite players such as TwistedJago get completely raped in national tourneys by Marn’s Yun at CEO or watch F.Champ do concept matches vs Daigo’s Ryu and win only to get stomped out so quicked once he switches to Yun… its extremely depressing. Something had to happen…Something had to give. The character is NOT too good, the rest of the characters are just TOO BAD. And of course, in typical capcom fashion, they address balancing issues by nerfing the top and buffing the bottom. It just is what it is. Welcome to mediocrity. Yun is still top 5…Hell Akuma got peaced out, Yang got murdered, Fei got raped, C.Viper got piped. Basically, they tried to kill the top tiers with extreme prejudice. Mediocre Fighter 4:

I’m okay with these changes so far, they seem fair in theory, you just gotta be more spacing conscious with dive kicks. It’ll be interesting to see how upkick recovery will affect the wake up game but hopefully it’s just there to make it more punishable on whiff and block. I was expecting them to change some of the hitboxes and frames of his normals but it seems like only cr.LK got changed, which is too bad cause it was a very useful tool, but st.MP is still there.

haha well after the balance changes, hopefully I’ll feel less guilty maining Yun

Oh teh noes!