So how do people make custom art anyways?

Before I go and waste 20 dollars at Kinko’s, could anyone give me tips on how to make it look nice? The last time I did this was on my own printer and being the ghetto, taped the pieces of paper together. As you pretty much guessed, it looked ugly.

So here’s what I plan to do? Please leave me some advice on if I need to add something.

  1. go to Kinko’s. Get a 15x17 print (Does it have to be photo paper/glossy?)
  2. Get it laminated
  3. Get an exacto knife (so it’s easier to cut out the laminated print) and make button holes.

Thanks for reading my thread everyone

if you re going to use plexy above, it doesnt have to be laminated just print it on a glossy paper and thats it…

Oh okay, thanks. I was reading through this from the essentials thread and I thought it might be a better idea for laminating.

Just make sure it’s on the highest quality paper and make sure the image you use is at least 300dpi (high res)

$20? This local print shop prints out 11x18s for $2. Check your phone book for local print shops man.

Kinko’s / Fedex offers something called a lami-label, which is a laminated print with a sticky back side. That’s a good way to go if you’re not putting plexi over it.

And holy crap the joystick patterns in that link are busy. IMO, simple designs always look 100x better than “how many characters can I fit” designs.

I think they have 11x17 for 3 dollars. I’ll find out once I get there.

I was just kind of throwing a number out, but that’s what I’m guessing because Kinko’s charges 10 dollars per square foot and also lamination costs a bit (which I probably won’t do now)

I have plexi over mine, and I thought the art in theirs actually looks kind of cool. It wouldn’t work as well for a single player stick, but their dual stick art reminds me of the old arcade stick boards.

thanks for making this thread. i too have no idea how to do this. maybe someone can post in detail how to replace the faceplate with custom art on the hrap3.

Finding the “The, I love my custom stick gallery” thread recently made me decide to make my own. I know most of what needs to be done for wiring, what buttons and stick I’m looking to buy and I’ve got a few ideas for the cab but when it comes to the artwork I’m lost. I never seem to be able to find a high quality picture that I like.

Any tips/tricks people share is always appreciated.

Kinkos is $1.79 plus tax for an 11x17. They print of glossy paper by default so it will easily slide under the plexi and look nice. If it weren’t $2 I probably wouldn’t change my art out every time I got bored.

I was going to say, it is always $1.79 plus tax at Fedinkos. And I have done quite a few.

does kinkos still do adhesive vinyl?

I believe so. I think its around $15 - $20 depending on size. In relevance to joystick cases at least.

can u just use some kind of glue or tape instead of getting the adhesive vinyl?

I did mine at Kinkos, use regular laser printer 11x17 $2.02 total per art

I think i’ll try that lami-label tomorrow if i cant get a plexi for my T5 stick…

If you have plexi over the artwork, there is no reason to get it laminated. Unless you are accident prone and constantly spilling sodas on your sticks.

these are the paper options that kinkos/fedex has for printing. they are about 3 bucks for 11x17. which of these options would be best for custom art on a stick? thanks.

i should have looked that up before i built my box, my box is kindof a weird shape. it’s 15x16

For my hori i bought some full sheet labels (have a sticky side), and also bought some laminating sheets.

i couldnt get a decent template for the EX2 layout, so i just printed out “stickers” and placed them on the white layer i put on the plate.

What paper would be the best for printing out the artwork? Im thinking photo paper, and then laminating it. How would I stick it on my Hori Ex2 stick? Any type of special glue? I can’t buy one of those sticky side papers, Kinkos is far away.