do we share our XBL replays on here?

That’s something I’ve been wondering for the longest time. I’ve got a bunch replays saved from Live games that I would really love feedback on, but I’ve yet to figure out how to post them on here at all.

Any help? This might very well be a stupid question that’s been asked time and time again.

I believe you need a device called a capture card for your 360 (or a friend with one). I can’t say I know the price range for these, but I’m sure you could look it up. Alternately if you have a camera you could film the replay being played on your TV with it, even if it it’s a crappy option, it can turn out okay if you have a good enough camera.

Any HD Camera would do when recording. If not you could get a PVR (Dazzle’s go for about £30-£40 these days) or if you want a HD PVR be prepared to fork out a lot more :slight_smile: