So, how do you buff low tier in this game?


One of the common things I always see when people talk about MVC2 is that they wish more characters were viable for tournament play. I’m interested to see how people think we could buff the low tier characters, without hitting the top 4 with the nerf bat.

Characters who, I think, have potential in interesting ways:

BB Hood
Mega Man
Omega Red
Ice Man

…I think the most important things is giving these characters something to deal with up back defense, and then Storm runaway.

The other problem you have is AHVB.

I don’t know the game well enough to be able to accurately judge, but there has to be some way of giving at least a couple of characters some beef to make them a bit stronger.

I mean, even the simple buff of making Omega Red’s supers better suddenly makes him much better.


Tron-y assist

There’s well known Anak, Rogue (see: VDO), and Mega Man players through the years to my knowledge.

Japan loves Dhalsim as well (well back when they were playing).


give venom a version of his his mvc1 infinite back and he moves up.

web throw>launch>slow magic series ending in hk>jump lk hk repeat last part

or launch lp lk lk hk (slow) land launch

let wolverine combo beserker barrage off of down fierce or fatal claw after down hk and drill claw

make captain sword connect all the way

honestly i dont see many lowtier characters ever being good while sent spit check is in the game


Wasn’t there a really good bbhood, omega red, jugg player from Japan who tore up an Evo suite one year?


AHVB isn’t a problem when you have Sent to deal with.
Tron Y, as 4neqs said is one way. Popping Doom as your assist doesn’t hurt either.
The problem isn’t finding a good team that works. That’s easy. The problem is that Magneto/Storm/Sentinel can solo do what many of these low tier teams can do as a whole group. If Anakaris had higher defense and some better mobility in the air, he’d be godlike. Dhalsim is basically Sent without the damage output and the ridiculously amazing super. Hood has like zero combos and relies too heavily on individual hits. If MM’s buster shot chipped… He’d be fucking amazing. Rouge and Omega are awesome. That said, you REALLY need to add Ruby to that list. If you take the top 3 out of the equation, Ruby is probably the best character in the game. She just can’t do shit against the top 3, whereas Cyclops and Ironman can, so they’re ranked higher. She’s magical against the low tiers. Ruby/Omega/Blackheart is insane.
That said, I’m glad you made a thread asking how to buff low tiers rather than nerf top tiers.


OP - mobility, nerfing characters and giving characters more specials or previous game abilities - eg Chun li air super - is what you need for balance. But these day dream threads don’t help when people don’t play enough of the just outside top tier characters like Sim.

@ Mixah - Rubys awesome, has great synergy but you seem to over rate her. She’s like top 15
Just wish people would use her ball super properly.


Yeah, and Capcom only applies balance updates to money makers. Oh well, MvC2 balance updates wouldn’t fare well. OG FGC players don’t like change. Hence why there are still Champion Edition players…

Yeah, you’re probably right about that… :frowning:


Venom sent cyke would be a beast team if you give venom that inf i mentioned earlier. that and the return of his untechable fierce throw.

ruby is alright but has nothing to prevent rushdown. also wouldnt OR counter her

make dashes longer and faster all across the board

give wolverine his corner combo back


Disagree totally. She has one of the fastest supers in the game with brief invincibility - thats more than nothing. Fast snapback, can put ghost, assist and spout on screen and build meter fast so she can do alot of damage on her first hit. Loses to good rushdown with drones but teams like Ruby / IM / Sent can kill a character from a punished try jump. End of rant


I’ll believe it when I see it then I guess. Josh360’s ruby lose to a dude playing guile at FR


But that’s not the point - invincibile super vs tri jumps was. That’s why I disagreed with the she’s got nothing vs rushdown part. Hope then that you see something to change your mind - I’ll leave it at that.


You know, if you buffed Omega Red’s supers, he’d be pretty beastly.

I’ve never seen a good Ruby so I can’t comment on that.


Omega red would really benefit from his omega strikes doing more damage - even 4 or 5 points more. That and being able to combo carbonadium smasher solo in an air combo. He can DHC glitch from it for pretty beastly damage.

Not alot of Ruby Heart matches online but there’s some good combo vids around - dj B13, magnetros and mine on youtube - just search mvc2 augmintt (extra t on my srk name)

Just on the original post - there’s not much chance of a new version ala ST HDR … no real financial incentive plus they really would have to nerf characters to get some balance. Every marvel version has had stand out top tiers.


Thought about doing a re balance some.

Idea’s I had
Make Colossus be able to attack after his AA shoulder ram.
Ken can do his roll in the air (think Spiral’s quick fall with an angle).

Make Magneto’s CR.LK start up 2 frames so it has start up in turbo.


I wasnt even talking trijumps tho

a rushdown venom with something like doom rocks? wolverine?

I think ruby is a decent character but i dont think shes as good as others do. ruby paired with doom though is pretty irritating if you let yourself get pushed to the corner


You buff low tiers by putting sentinel on the team


Some very easy things can be done to buff the low tiers. I don’t know what capcom was thinking making Hulk’s gamma crush escapable. Ever had Jugg’s head crush be blocked even though it hit? Same thing with Ken’s shoryu reppa. Way too many supers are inconsistent for the low tiers.

Chun Li should get her heel kick be cancelable again like in MVC. She’ll get her infinite back and have a really good rushdown.

Spiderman is a good character but just does no damage. I have no qualms about raw tagging on spiderman. His spider swing should hit like Cammy’s canon drill. That way he can air combo into swing x maximum spider.

Silver Sam’s modes should be stances that cost no meter like Ammy’s weapon stances.

Wolvie should get his dive kick be cancelable again also. Also be able to do drill claw x fatal claw.

Some more later.


Spiderman can’t get a hit…
12 years of using Spiderman, I should know…
The motherfucker cannot get a fucking hit. You want to buff Spiderman? Give him longer range attacks.


Buff Sentinel to XF3 Vergil status and you buff low tiers.


was discussing this at evo…

spiderman has like one combo. air combo ending in fierce to mixup. 1 on 1 hes not scary, with the right assists hes annoying at best.

silver sam is good as is IMO, just up mobility. fire and ice mode no meter? LOL no ty

dive kick IS cancellable into drill claw. though i agree, divekick>hk>lk>lk>down fierce>bbx should return