So how do you feel about Ultra so far?


I personally find it kinda unfinished and boring tbh.Especially the new charters.Not only they nerfed them to the ground from the arcade ultra but they all have wierd hurt and hit boxes. It seems so awkward and beta-ish to me.Getting a vanilla SFxT vibe (and not because the chars are from there but becasue it just seems rushed and unfinished). Thats so odd because they sure took their time.

It looked really promising from the arcade version but now they pretty much nerfed everything that looked FUN (to me anyway) back to AE on so many chars. It feels like I’m playing AE again. The RFA and delayed wakeup are… well there… being boring and not impactful most of the time (especially RFA). Its like near the end they said: You know what, after all AE was pretty balanced .Lets remove most of the fun stuff we promised and keep it the same for the most part exept for the few overbuffs and overnerfs because we dont know any better. The point however is balance is overrated. Just make more charters strong.Let us have FUN. Marvel had such a great run becasue it was FUN to play and watch and its one of the most unbalanced things on the planet.

Played since vanilla and was never less excited for a new version. Mind you I was excided pre release but once I got to play it was just… meh.


I just feel ticked off about it because no double-hit for dhalsim and no faith in the character from Capcom, the company that listens to salt miners.


If they added nothing to ultra but delayed wake up I would have been happy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been saved by it so far. Unfortunately I’m having a character crisis though because with all the changes I want to try out everyone. Honda’s EX HHS link is one of the most fun changes online because spending 4 bars on it is absolutely hilarious. Zangief’s green hand whiff SPD if spaced properly is so hard to react to and whiff punish non ex green hand is godlike for getting in. Cody’s new and lp criminal upper makes it almost too easy to keep pressure on a panicked opponent. Guile’s c.lp > xx flash kick can be done without even trying and his new > xx flash kick FADC ultra 2 blows crouch techs up so hard it’s insane.

I play a lot more characters and they all have a change that I absolutely love so I’m incredibly happy with ultra so far. I haven’t gotten into any of the new characters yet because none of them interest me but I’m sure they will be just as fun. To be honest if somebody doesn’t like ultra I don’t know what they would be looking for to begin with. If you think red focus is underwhelming try getting a read on a fireball happy ryu with it and level 2 him right in the face for free. People are completely under utilizing red focus right now but once people stop sleeping on it it’s going to change everything when any character has 2 bars during footsies.


I really like it so far.

I do agree with some of what OP is saying though, the game does feel like its in a beta like state. The new characters all feel unfinished to me, except Decapre despite her being the last one made, but the SFxT characters… it definitely feels like something is off.

My initial thoughts were that this upgrade WOULD be a kind of beta before the hard copy is released and I hope that’s the case. Hopefully they try and add a little bit more tone to the game before alls said and done. Like I said I like it but I can’t help but think these cross tekken characters were handled a little poorly.


I’ve liked Rolento on and off since Alpha, even though I mained Gief. I played a little bit of SFxT but damn his range movement skills seem drastically shorted. Wall hop seems he barely makes it back across screen to the opponent. down-forward, down-back + MK dont seem to trigger pogo, has to be only down+mk. His Patriot Circle seems to have almost not horizontal movement, but at least it seems to suck them in so no whiff madness. Thats just what comes to mind so far.
I do like the instant Stinger action after the jump.


Been using Hugo since release day and am still enjoying it, but there are several strange input problems, many hitbox/hurtbox problems vs some characters, and a post KO throw glitch which is hilarious, I agree that this is probably a beta for USF4 AE v2015 or whatever they’re gonna call it


Fuerte won a tournament. When’s League of Legends?


Nice replay upload feature, online training (should we need it), I like the “new” stages and new music for each character added.

Gameplay wise, things are still pretty straight forward. I have a really bad habit of playing as Final Fight characters… and I really wanna main Rolento. :slight_smile:


well it definitely needs some time to breathe so we can only give initial impressions.
-RF seems like a stupid extra system mechanic. so far using it online against akuma’s who spam HK against gouken. but i lose meter and i’d rather guess counter.
-DWU is rarely used but when i play people who abuse it i can see just how much worse gouken has gotten. he has to be even more careful than akuma when doing vortexes now.
-game is a little slower because people are afraid to keep pressure going at the risk of DWU and other shit. also, footsies is mostly low damage so matches are a little longer.
-the -5 on some reversals is the only positive so far. i notice people are more scared of throwing out reversals after HKD or during pseudo block strings/blocked jump-ins.

it’s been said a bunch already but the hurt/hit boxes of the new cast members are really weird. some examples: do a jump in attack and cr.jab x2 followup on Decapre and sometimes it whiffs and sometimes it doesn’t. pick Elena and do standing LK and marvel at the push back on hit.

i already hated playing SF4 online and now it’s gotten worse. why didn’t they keep the old network code? i wonder what happened there. it wasn’t great but it was better than this.

overall i think this was way too rushed and they should have just announced USF4 at this years EVO. it seems dumb to spoil EVO with something replacing the main event that hasn’t been played for more than a couple months. everyone was training in AE all year and then it all gets erased just before the climax event. pretty stupid by Capcom and EVO imo.


i like it so far, but the crazy- & lazyness is really obvious…


I dont know how to feel … i dont like the red focus, honestly i will not use it but its not a problem for me if others use it… the double ultra? useful for some chars but i really dont care about it, the delay stand up? I feel sorry for those guys that did their best to learn and master their setups and tricks on wake up :((( oh and i feel sorry for the vortex :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( sheet.
aniway there are good new thing in ultra and those are, 4 new ( lets see imported ) chars, and 1 reskin with new moves, team battle and costumes


I think that it is a good attempt at making up some of the money they either lost on SFxT or projected to be earned by SFxT.


Hakan needed more buffs. Decapre is fun but too unsafe with her mixups…which defeats the purpose of her being a crazy mixup character. I find myself oddly playing patient with a mixup style character.


There’s nothing that makes me want to play this game so while I wouldn’t say I quit completely, I’ve been spending more time on older fighters and some other games I haven’t finished yet.

Online is noticeably worse, training mode doesn’t have anything new to play with, the new characters feel unfinished and most of the old characters that do interest me are boring.


You’re supposed to figure out setups into mixup, not just do mixup willy nilly.


Hakan won´t have an easy time in USF4 I feel, but I think that his buffs are ok, just the crossup “buff” isn´t great. We could need a few more buffs, but more important we need more high level representation.


really janky, online is worse and they didn’t bother to add popular features (rematch, edition select online…)

shouldn’t have bought the game on console, could’ve waited for the PC version since it’s pretty meh


I feel like I paid $15 to make my game less fun. I have had 4 time overs today… I think I have gone for months without seeing those.


I’m loving it! Though I do agree that they need to adjust some of these funky hit/hurtboxes.


As for the title, same game with a few new characters.

Elena is useful for beginners being a simplistic character however linking combos is a very different story
With Rolento I can mess with others using focus attack all the time along with pokes
Poison is practically another shoto, rekkes are unsafe so it’s no Fei Long, the focus break attack doesn’t have much range
Decapre, a better Cammy if your good at charging moves.