So how do you get past Hawkeye's zoning?

Im pretty sure most of you who use Hawkeye knew this question would come up eventually, if it hasnt already and sorry for making a new thread but I felt as though if someone was looking for the answer to this, it’d be better as a thread rather than lost in the GD.

I heard Quotes saying that his air Quick Shot (Grey hound) land Quick Shot (Grey Hound) is so good bc no one has found the gap in it yet but there doesnt seem to be one. More importantly, the quickest teleport is 11 frames on startup whereas his move starts up just a frame faster meaning that teleporting is out of the question. So far it seems that the only strategy against him is to have a anti-Hawkeye character on your team. Whether that be one of the few characters who can crouch under his arrows and using them to kill him, or having a character like Strange or Viper who have moves that basically say “fuck projectiles.”

So has anyone discovered the gap/a general strategy to beat a zoning Hawkeye?

Hawkeye needs meter to protect himself (that Quick Shot Super). What you need to do is keep your opponent’s meter low and have a character with a super that travels them across the screen or has a bit of invincibility.

Frank, X-23, Sentinel, Hulk, Nova, Nemesis, Modok, etc are a few examples.
When you get close to Hawkeye, pummel him with increased priority/armored/rapid fire moves.

Hawkeye cracks under pressure. His normals are slow as hell. and he gets beat in a corner by any character with increased priority moves or RF

Start up and the amount of time it takes to start up + travel full screen are 2 different things, teleport punishes are completely viable.

The easiest way to move through his projectiles is to super jump til mid range, then ground approach because he has no safe escape options once you get near him.

Don’t be stupid and press buttons. Too many MvC3 players do this and they all get pissed when they take a golden arrow or three to the face.

Approach. Block. Approach. You’ll get there. You’ll take chip damage, but you’ll get there.

don’t super jump. regular jump instead.

i dont like regular jumping because that just forces you to eat air triple arrow into ground triple arrow chip, super jumping allows you to essentially avoid everything. hawkeye doesn’t have the mobility or tools to take advantage of you during a super jump unless you do it too close

Jump and block, walk and block, superjump and block are all universal options.

Otherwise, invincible moves, teleports, etc. should work too. But they’re all timing dependent of course.

IDK jumping and walking seems useless

lol That sounds like advice a Hawkeye player would give on how to beat Hawkeye :).

well the character is obviously invincible and theres no way in so everybody should just play hawkeye since its unbeatable

The recovery on triple arrow is enormous. If you jump over one, Hawkeye can only protect himself by canceling it into golden arrow. If you also bait out golden arrow by blocking, that also has an enormous recovery that you can punish for free.

You need to have patience and trap Hawkeye in the corner where he’s out of options, and then it’s easy. Once you get about a character’s length away, Hawkeye can only either slide or shoot a projectile - one of which is punishable on block and the other which is punishable by jumping over it. And if he hesitates, you have a clear window to poke him out or throw him.

If you’re looking for an answer like “mash out a teleport while blocking” or “hold up forward and jump kick him”, that’s not going to work and you’re going to have to use a bit more brain cells.

Okay so how do you get past him if he is using Doom’s hidden missile assist to cover his recoveries and then using his instant hyper to cover any screwups. That’s what I’ve been having trouble with. It’s like if you get in close and start a combo, Doom’s missiles will eventually rain down and end your combo.

Ghost ride the whip

Bait out a Golden Arrow hyper or try calling in a good beam assist, I find that happening to me a lot when using Hawkeye

same question as everyone else since the hawkeye i play against is really good. no wasted pokes to speak of. nova and hulk cant punish arrows with out getting reaction gimlet, hawkeye shoots through rocks at any point in hulks super. and with good lock down will tag nova out of start up. also electric arrow eats through beams. so no beam assist, it beats H plasma beam and that the highest beam durability without a super

I run Hawkeye with Doom missle assist =D. If I think someone is going to teleport I just poke them with H until missles hit then I just shoot arrows to keep the chipping going. Honestly its all about patience and just slowly getting in, once you start to get frustrated and try to rush in or super jump in then you already lost. If I think you are going to super jump I dash under you and toss out some arrows and let you deal with my missle spam.

Yeah but see, thats what I mean. HOW do you slowly get in? Getting hit and/or blocking just pushes you back so you have to start from square 1.

How fast is Hawkeye’s greyhound, btw?

Jump and block or dash then block. It really depends on who you’re using and what tools they have, can you tell me what team you’re playing?

i just had a match that the guy ran hawkeye and doom but Juece is right just be patient and take the chip while slowly moving in