So how do you get past Hawkeye's zoning?

so im running nemesis sent wesker, and i cant seem to get nem in without eating a half a life bar of damage. I am having tons of trouble even getting my drone assist on the screen, so im trying to cover him with a J tentical down forward and or i get stuck at full screen firing rockets in which i eat a Gimlet. It seems like getting in takes 3 characters and im stuck with lvl 3 wesker and no HP. I dont know what I can do Hawkeye arrows are the bane of my entire team. Can anyone help?

If hawkeye sis doing triple arrow wall, then land triple arrow then carefully place your super jumps nemisis can stop his momentum by firing a rocket if hawkeye super jumps wave dash to him

Slide is not really punishable on block. Hawkeye can do one of three things:

  • slide, trick L, poison arrow (I think Hawkeye has a small frame advantage on block; regardless, it’s safe)
  • slide + assist, trick H (crossup into combo)
  • slide, trick H to get out of corner (can fire an ice arrow if he thinks you’ll push a button, free combo if it lands)

You can air grab him out of the last two
and x-factor cancel the first

Air grab depends on the assist. It’s not at all difficult to set that up as a frame trap where going for the air grab means you eat a full combo (I personally use Arthur dagger assist).

XFC is not a legitimate rebuttal to “that move is safe on block”.

Xfc never failed for me

Hail storm is not safe on block because you can alpha counter Sentinel in and super cancel into Hard Drive. True story.

Or, if you prefer, any move is safe on block, because all you have to do is XFC it.

Dammit, I love Spider-Dan so much.

Thank God we still have some OGs on the forums that know what they’re actually talking about.

On-topic, Hawkeye has many awkward blindspots in his zoning such as down-forward when he’s in the air and up-forward when he’s on the ground.
His low options are limited by his slide which can easily be stuffed by much faster low normals and some divekicks.

Assist is 33, and I think off the top of my head normal is 14? or 16? I think it’s the fastest projectile in the game.

trick H + H is also safe on block according to the bible.

I disagree with part of this; up-forward can be protected with his DP arrows if used carefully, in particular, Scatter Shot.

Exploding arrow is fairly useful also at point blank range just above your head, especially if you know your opponent is going to be pressing buttons when they get close to Clint.

Also, down forward is hard to protect, but I recommend you cover it by not super jumping all over the place, and just laying down Triple Shots as you fall.

Imo, most Hawkeyes I encounter are relying 90% on Doom/Sentinel assists. Without those sorts of assists, getting in on him is just a matter of some brief patience and some super jump / dash tactics. (I’m talking about online play, here.)

The biggest thing is not to try and punish him as you come down. Wait for him to fire off something, then go from there when you’re at close range. Otherwise you can get punished in all sorts of ways for attempting to divekick or anything else that you might attempt; bear in mind a Hawkeye player shouldn’t (they do sometimes) prefer fighting at close range, so they often attempt punishment as you come down towards them.

I guess this goes without saying, but if you’re trying to get in on him, make sure not to advancing guard him to avoid chip damage.