So how do you go on the offensive?



Bland thread subject aside, I’ve been struggling with how to go on the offensive with Karin. I’m aware that her is her main poke, but whenever I see good Karin players it seems like they go in much harder than just poking. So how do you do that? How do you keep your aggressiveness up after your blocked?

On the flip side, I have this very same problem; I tend to falter against the most basic attacks because I have no idea how to interrupt their assault. This is especially true against Ryu or Ken, which end up bullying me into a corner with just blocked normals. With no bar for a DP I am usually dead from the pressure/stun.

So uh yeah. Do I just need match up knowledge in order to know which move to use in each scenario or is there something that Karin needs to be doing all the time?




I am now losing to progressively worse players. I try to do some jabs to cancel their attacks and it helps sometimes. Still no clue as to what to do with Karin. I can do her combos, but have no idea as to how to apply pressure.

Crappy players who jump back constantly are my worst nightmare, hahahahaha.


If you have a question like this, you should post it in the beginner thread. Not only is it much more likely to get answered, you might find someone has already asked something similar. In this case though, you should probably upload a few matches. Unfortunately, “How do I go on the offensive” is such a broad question that unless we know where you’re at in terms of skill, we can’t really help you.


Don’t get obsessed on cancel enemy attacks. At the begining you must focus on blocking and punishing everything you can.

V-Reversal is very effective to reduce the enemy’s pressure and it’s easy to execute and quite safe. Do not get obsessed with saving for V-trigger, if you end up with 20% and your enemy with 80% you can do so much with this.

You also can ex ressenha when your enemy is pushing too many buttons, but only do it when you are sure. After having hit with it some times, he will have to think twice before pushing too many buttons while applying pressure.

When you gained some distance, your first answer is to maintain distance with is also very good because of his awesome hitbox and the frame advantage after blocked. Finally, neutral jumping forces your oponnent to stop a moment, or at least, he have to take a different approach, if not, he can end taking a huge damage combo.

Karin can be played both offesively or defensively. You have two clear examples of proplayers: Mago (offensive) or Justin Wong (defensive). You have to find your own playstyle and pulish it.