So how do you play frametrappy characters safely anyway?

So I was thinking of picking up some Rose and wanted to learn her pressure strings, and it got me thinking: I’m not sure I can do that without being scared of mashed reversals and such. So how do you play these types of characters besides perfect timing and execution? Is there anything to it past that like an option select I don’t know about?

so the purpose of pressure strings with any character is to get your opponent to react to the pressure in a inwhich you can punish them. So, if your opponent starts mashing reversals its kinda what you want them to do because you now know how they react to your pressure attempts. If you get caught by a mash uppercut, the next time you get in that situation, bait the uppercut and punish hard.

Used Rose among most of the cast

  1. Projectile, check
  2. Make full use of crouching heavy punch as anti air
  3. Forward heavy kick, standing heavy punch and crouching forward slide kick have extended range useful to use once in awhile might hit
  4. No anti crouching, get creative, more projectiles, focus or grabs
  5. Forward scarf punch move is pretty safe on block when used at the right distance, ex version pretty much has highest priority
  6. The first ultra seems better for me at least, can be used as anti air, has range

Some of your options, not like you can call on an assist and just keep on mashing for chip damage and land a combo once in awhile. Not everybody you play will be an uppercut mash happy person, it’s like Kairu is trying to explain how to get the other player to start mashing, that just doesn’t happen to some players.

^ Just thought your quote was funny
2D may have heart at times but 3D requires more effort and more heart.

Even the greatest players get antsy under pressure



Justin was clearly recklessly throwing out moves (Rufus’ St.HK) to combo into ultra for the round and the match. That was a “mashing” mentality that cost Justin the set.

If you watch Latif within these last few seconds you can see him putting the tactic I stated above to use. He knew Justin was mentally “guardbroke” and would try to make up for the deficit he was in with something that would even the gap in the lifelead quickly(i.e. St.HK to ultra). So he just ran away and punished Justin’s recklessness for the win.

Always remember to punish reversals the hardest possible way you can, a sweep or throw just won’t cut it against reversals that have a lot of recovery frames like SRKs. That’s key to have a successful frame trap game IMO because those can’t be safe against fast reversals since you’re leaving gaps between your normals on purpose to fish for counter hits, only chains and few normal strings in the game are totally safe from mashed out reversals.

I.e I main Akuma, I used to just sweep people after baiting their reversals and that was not enough to make them respect my frame trap pressure game because it didn’t do much damage and they can take many of those. Now however that I try to punish reversals in the most damaging way I can (i.e even use meter to FADC if you have that in stock for extra damage + stun), they tend to respect my pressure strings more and are afraid of losing a good chunk of their HP if they mashed out a reversal again.

Frame traps become somewhat useless when people start to tech on reaction and reversal on reaction. So “trapping” becomes secondary to baiting, which is more important by far.

Playing aggressively is inherently more dangerous than playing defensively. Just gotta get over it.

Just don’t get caught up in the idea that because you’re trying to play aggressively that you should keep attacking even if you’re running into reversals left and right. Playing aggressively doesn’t work if they have no reason to believe their reversals won’t hit you everytime.

I would say the trap is the bait itself. If you’re just throwing out mindless traps it doesn’t work on a better player. I [can only] play Cody. He’s all about frametraps. But the first round of the game I’m not really going for them, I just see what move the opponent likes to use in certain situations. After I figure those out I know what specific trap setup to use to bait that attack out of him.

For instance if he likes to crouch tech after a jump in I’ll do j.HK, st.HP and that will make it look like i’m going for a throw then counterhit his tech. If they like to jab out of pressure I’ll do cr.jab,cr.jab, with will catch any jab. If they have a good reversal like a DP you have to make them want to do it in the first place…but thats a whole nother issue

If you think they’re going to mash a reversal, consider backdashing w/ Rose. If they don’t mash uppercut you don’t get stuck in a situation where you’re both staring each other down and seeing who mashes jab first.


It’s all in how you see it.

James Chen said something about only frame trapping in the second and third round. This might not apply specifically to you, but it’s still a good post to quote in this thread: