So, how does the A3 in SFAA compare to the Saturn version?

Is it better than the Saturn version or worse?

The Saturn version is now more obsolete than ever…

Like all console versions, it’s better in terms of extra crap (world tour mode etc), but like all console versions, it is worse in terms of accuracy. Obsolete is pretty much the perfect word.

You know there’s 2 a3’s in sfaa?

I guess if youre comparing saturn a3 to a3 upper in sfaa then theyre basically the same crappy game

Except there’s dip switches that you can set to make it work like either the console or arcade versions of upper.

Same with regular SFA3 for that matter.

How do you get World Tour mode on the SFAA SFA3? As it’s not on mine.

World Tour Mode is one of the things that’s not in the PS2 version.