So how good is the Fighting Edge anyway?


Hey, I’m new here. Been lurking for a few months. Glad to be here!

Anyway, I hear a lot of people preaching the gospel about the Hori Fighting Edge, but is it really worth the $200? I’ve been through my fair share of sticks, and the Fighting Edge looks awesome. What do the parts feel like? Is it worth ditching my modded Qanba Q1 for?


I don’t know the FE by feel but i know the price is not just about the Hayabusa and Kuros


Yeah, I think the LEDs and the screen are the things keeping the price so steep.


If you want the parts, just but them separately and stick them into your Q1.


Oh, right. I forgot they could be purchased separately. facepalm

So what are the parts like compared to Sanwa/Seimitsu? I’ve never been terribly fond of Hori’s stock buttons in their older sticks. The Namco stick had some great buttons, but the Fighting Stick Wii and the Tekken 5 weren’t that great, in my opinion.


Use the search. There is a wealth of knowledge about the joystick and buttons from the FE here.