So how many blankas will be repping at evo?

ill be there f your watching stream watch out for GW House…who else we got?

who is this “blanka”?

have fun, enjoy the tournament and vegas

any killers in your pool?

lol im in the pool with chocoblanka, so im not looking forward to a blanka mirror

Blanka mirror is really simple. Sweep to control whiff ball, low jab to control hop, meaty into frame trap/kara throw mixup, slide upballs, hop to control backcharge.

The knockdown stage of the match controls itself, it’s just about having good footsies.

yeah… blanka mirrors is really all about who’s got better footsies… but that’s only if both players knows their anti blanka well…

U1 - to ensure they aren’t gonna abuse OS wakeup on you
U2 - to punish ball


Didn’t catch any high Blanka players at EVO. It would be awesome to see someone place in the top 8 with him. Jimmy FTW!

took out choco and made it out of my pool so i accomplished my goal…top 8 next year!!

congrats!!! any replays available?

Nice work on taking out Choco! I’d love to see Blanka get the respect he deserves. I’m sick of all the scrubs calling him a noob character or a gimmick.

yea someone recorded all my matches so when he puts them up on youtube ill put them in te video thread

my pool had like 6 blankas but the real question is how many will make it out of the pools?