So how many of you are going to be maining DAN at EVO?

I plan to make it to day 3 I’ve mastered the art of Saikyo… Real men where pink!!!..

Vegas is a bit far for me sadly, talking a 10 hour flight or something and I don’t have that kind of money :rofl:

Will you be playing or just watching?

Does it count if you planned on going to Vegas anyway for the strippers/food/gambling, and plan on going 0-2 with Dan just to add money to the pot

oh im playing i made top 16 at evo 3 years back on cvs2 with ryu,terry and yama n groove so ive always been low tier… :slight_smile: Dan going to put some people in retirement

Do it?

Do it.

Good luck then :bgrin:

Probably won’t be going out there. But… I’ll be attending local tournies. My first one, my Dan was an uncharacteristic horrid show; I never play Dan that badly. I did like that I wasn’t the only Dan user though. I didn’t get to see who else was there though.


What is this nonsense?

Of course, Dan himself would prolly go just for the strippers.

I am, should be an absolute blast, can’t wait to go 2 and out, but don’t worry, Taunt #9 will take up a majority of my matches.

Just don’t prioritise taunting over damage, if you have the chance to do damage take it then taunt afterwards :stuck_out_tongue:

kidding me? all you guys are mad free.

When you think about it, EVO is the largest congregation of Pot Monsters on the planet. :rofl:

Whether you’re good or just kinda good, 95% of the competitors are still forking over the registration fee for a good ol’ fashioned ass-whuppin.

I’d totally put down money for a chance to wreck havoc in the prelims with Dan, but that’s not enough to go all the way to Vegas. :lol:

Pool B for me guys.

I’m a Dan player, but I came here because I am down to go to the Stripclub with the Saikyo Army. Who else is down?

I’m down but I’m only 19, PM me.

Only? You have to be 21 to goto the strip clubs? All of a sudden I feel very old :frowning:

All the good ones are 21+. There’s pretty much only one of them that is 18+ in Vegas, but it doesn’t sound so good.

Ah nevermind. Two years too late I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

gah! I’m lame! can’t figure out how to embed an image of dan giving a thumbs up!

Anyways, best of luck to everyone representing saikyo at EVO!

Please youtube your matches! I’d love to see some high level dan play in competition!

Two years too early, I think you mean :stuck_out_tongue: Still, strip clubs are strip clubs, no? What makes a good one and a bad one? Quality of the bewbs? :rofl:

Probably have to be premium member to embed images and stuff :frowning: