So How Much Are You Worth?


It’s not enough that having three letters in your name is a sign of your well being in this community of ours, but now we have to be marketable? Is that what some of you are aiming for? Is the quantity of your twitter followers and views on your youtube channel what drives you when you go to a tournament? Does your business sense sparkle and shine when you practice TAC infinites? Is all of that really what drives you? Is this true for any of you? Do you cringe at all to consider rigging a bracket for business purposes?

Are we **SERIOUSLY **at this point in our community where all of that’s more important than having fun, being social, playing because you actually bloody enjoy the game, and playing to get better? It sickens me that I have to even bring this up to discuss.

I understand the need to become more professional, to up our standards across the board, to be more accessible to anyone who wants to check us out, but I’ll be damnded if I’m going to be marketable before I’m actually respected first. You can pull out all the vulgarity and the rough nature that founded this community of ours, you can shove everyone into a suit that looks like they walked out of working the tech department of Best Buy, but don’t you ever treat me like a product. Ever.

UMvC3 Stream & Commentary Thread v2

Which tournament got rigged?


On the LI Joe show, Fanatiq suggested that brackets after pools should be seeded so that people who are on the same sponsorship team do not compete earlier on starting from top 32.
As far as I’m concerned, you fucking deal with it, it’s not a team tournament, if the brackets are random shut the fuck up and deal with it. Product placement should not be more important than the event itself.


There is no league in the fighting game community. We have qualifiers that lead to certain tournaments during the year but we have no universal link otherwise. Winning every Big 2 does not grant you a thing in say UFGT9 nor would winning WNFs consistently suddenly get you seeded at NEC. So unless things are specifically linked the brackets should be random, it’s about the competition. You are there to beat your opponent, not put on a show. So ANYTHING that’s done to alter the brackets without legit ranking points, qualifying seeds from another tournaments backing it up, or consideration for location (which is optional) is rigging the brackets, period. That’s not an opinion, that’s not a point to discuss, that is a fact. PERIOD.

What Fanatiq mentioned was rigging the brackets, and at a point in the tournament where no one should have a viable reason to complain anyway.


I see. That is actually gross.


Serena: Hey, we got a problem.
US Open staff: What’s the problem?
Serena: What do you mean, what’s the problem? I have to play my sister next!
US Open staff: Okay, and?
Serena: We came here together, man! What is Nike gonna say when one of us knocks the other out before the finals?
US Open staff: I don’t understand what that has to do with us.
Serena: God, do you have any business sense at all? This is what sponsors pay us for!
US Open staff: But they’re your sponsors, not mine, so…
Serena: This is how you get more people watching and playing tennis! Don’t you care about tennis? We need to change the brackets now.
US Open staff: …you want us to change the brackets of a tournament that is most of the way done already.
Serena: yeah, otherwise what is Nike gonna see? They sponsor us to see us do well, not take each other out!
US Open staff: we’re in quarterfinals.
Serena: which is not finals, glad you’re with me. So, are you moving me or Venus to the other side?
US Open staff: You really think we should compromise the integrity of the tournament because you don’t want to play your sister near the end.
Serena: That’s what I said…you know what? Never mind.
US Open staff: What happened?
Serena: I just remembered I’m not a fucking moron.


Lol ryan hart comes to mind.

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Kinda funny how we lightly touched on this just the other day, huh?

ggs fgc


At this point we are used to Fanatiq expecting royalty treatment. Remember, this is the guy who wanted all the combo threads to be translated especially for him from number notation because his time is too valuable to look at the keyboard.

These guys should just make their own closed invitational events to get dem viewer ratings so that they’ll avoid ruining legit tournaments for the rest of the players.


First off I’ll say that the team based seeding is nonsense, but other than that you’re demoizing a road you personally don’t want to, and don’t have to take. Its the business equivalent of saying that its dishonorable to throw someone to many times in a game.

This is a fighting game forum, check the reasons for entry on the characters any fighting game. Every character isn’t Ryu, theres people entering for fame, money, noble ambitions, evil ambitions, etc.
There is a road where you can play because you like the game and there is one where you can try to make yourself more marketable. Since were using Tennis, does anyone else remember Anna Kournikova not winning anything but her face being on everything? If thats the road someone wants to take then that is the road that they want to take. You can’t really judge it by the milestones on your road since their road has a different destination.

If someone where trying to force this down everyone’s throat then it would be a completely different thing, but right now its an individual decision. Don’t try to force someone to else into abiding by your system of beliefs, thats what scrubs do.


the “no prize money” japanese scene looks better everyday :smokin:



RIP Art.

Seriously, though, different worlds. While Anna got famous for being pretty, you never saw fixed Kournikova and Halep exhibition matches with choreographed wardrobe malfunctions. I’ll take Duc-Sanford over “Ross-Jago 4: the battle of the baby daddies: starslay3r v. Clarice.” At least you can bet on the former without worrying about it being fixed.


this is a fanatiq thread?



Been exposed to the fg tournament scene since '98 and one aiming to become “marketable” didn’t matter 4-5 years ago…


This has been my dream since forever

The most enjoyable tournaments I have ever been to are the free entry ranbats at Arcade Legacy


I don’t care if it makes me a scrub, it still feels disgusting. I know I don’t have to like it but god damn it if we’re going to bring in new folks or treat the ones we have well being marketable should never be something to aspire to, it’s just so wrong.


That’s business for you, welcome to the real world.


Like rigging a tournament because you believe that sponsorship screen time is more important?


I can’t believe that there are people here defending/justifying the idea of rigging a tournament because lol sponsors.
I really hope that the community doesn’t fall as low to allow that stupidity


Rigging brackets sounds disgusting.

I just have a grudge against many top players. There is this one guy, I won’t say his name. But it begins with Fanatiq.

I respect the fact the FGC is huge now. EVO and other majors pump a lot of money into it. But I dislike Sponsorships and many of the players in them. It becomes less about the game and more about the money, and you can tell that just by looking at their personality.