So how much did TVC sell in the end?


We all knew the game was never going to be a smash hit(the reasons why have been discussed to death) but does anyone actually have any idea of how it sold?It would be very sad if the game did absolutely abysmally sales wise,but I have already come to terms with that outcome.

I’m also interested because of that remark that Capcom made about what effect the sales of the game will have on the future of the VS series and fighters on the Wii.

Google finds me this:

But I dunno if the figures can be trusted nor do I know what the figures mean.Is 100,000 overall a good amount for a relatively small title?


It had a ~50k first week, it’s not unreasonable to think it’s at 100k sold.


If can be trusted, TvC has sold .16 million copies. Not too bad I guess, considering the 360 version of BlazBlue sold .19 mill, and the PS3 and 360 versions of KoFXII sold .16 mill combined. Hopefully this game will have legs.


It’s apparently sold well over twice as many copies as No More Heroes 2, which was released on the same day.


Bare in mind that it hasn’t been released outside of America yet.


that’s sad, actually :frowning: NMH2 is a top-notch game and deserves way more than 70,000 sales


Not to go off-topic here, but NMH2 was a bit of a dissapointment to me. I still consider the original game to be the superior of the two.


Yeah I know I’ll be buying it when it’s released in the PAL region.

Anyway on topic,TVC seems to be doing ok,I suppose the big push for the game by Capcom USA helped.Stuff like the launch party at the world store,the commercial made for it etc…

Shame there was no fanfare over here though.Even a few days after release there were no copies on sale in the GAME shop I visited.


It was to be expected with Ubisoft pretty much sending it to die shrugs


Probably not.

The 50K number for the first week is supposedly accurate but I don’t think any real, concrete data is available to the public yet.


For a point of reference how much did MvC2 sell?


If we are to trust vgchartz and we really shouldn’t but we don’t have much of a choice in this case, it already outsold every other version of MvC2 individually.