So how much $ did you invest in your stick?

I’m curious to know just how much money people are spending on their arcade sticks, whether they think it was worth it, and if they were still happy with their decisions.

I myself just received in the mail a SSFIV TE stick I bought on Ebay for $90 total (that includes shipping). It came new in the unopened box and a $149.99 Gamestop price tag still on it. Much happier with it than my SE stick, which I had bought new for $80 and have invested probably $50 in Sanwa parts for it since then.

EDIT: I just ordered a mesh ball top, arrow duster and octagonal gate for my TE stick so add $25. That’s a total of $115 for my SS4 TE and $130 for my S4 SE.

I have bought my TE used ($120), and painted the bezel, bought plexi and art, and now just ordered new buttons. So in total I have spent about $185 on the stick. I’m extremely happy with it, and it’s one of my prized posessions (Is that how you spell posessions?). I also own an Xbox TE that I bought at EVO brand new for $120, and I haven’t modded it at all yet, but I’ll probably change the art, and I might even try out Seimitsu buttons on it.

Most I’ve spent on a single stick: A little over $400

  • $170 PS3 SF4 TE shipped from gameshark store in April/May of 2009
  • $80 MC Cthulhu + RJ45 mod done by Bomberman.
  • $40 Neutrik USB and RJ45 jacks plus ruggedized RJ45 plugs.
  • $50 360 SF4 FightPad padhacked by Truckasaurus.
  • $60 An 8 button plexi and art, a 7 button plexi and art via arthong/tek-innovations.
  • $12 Sanwa white meshball top.
  • $4 DPDT toggle switch.

I could have saved about 200 bones if I’d gotten the 360 TE instead, waited on one of the FightStick sales and done the modwork myself, but I wasn’t very confident in my modding ability at the time. I didn’t have or play with anybody who did have a 360 until months later.

This cost me the most as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it and did a lot of things without planning ahead, it was mostly a learning experience for me that has taught me a lot about modding/dual modding.

However my others are: 2x HRAP 2 SA $150 each, SteveTren Cherry custom $200, Namco PS1 w/Sanwa buttons $100, 2x Nubytech SFAC Happ/iL modded $100 each, SF4 PS3 SE sanwa modded $130, TvC Wii stick sanwa modded $120, T5 Sanwa modded with black plexi $60, AH2 stick Sanwa modded with white plexi $200.

Putting a price on these makes me sad…

How about the most I’ve spent on sticks in general? lol.

I paid 260 for the hrap v3 sa, another 420 for my custom AIAB sticks, 150 for an OG TE, 120 for two Hori Wii sticks, and money on a lot of parts to customize them. Then there are stick parts for my sf2:ce cab I need to buy soon.

UGGH WHY, it’s like a bad habit that I can’t quit. :sad:

HRAP3 = $100
Plexiglas = $20
Seimitsu gumball + buttons = $35


My current stick is a work in progress still as I am still waiting on the case, but I think I am at about $525 on it. I still want to get laser cut art from Art for another $10, and at some point in the future, I want to get one of the optical PCBs from Toodles, so once it’s all said and done, I am looking at $600 on this stick.

$250 on the case
$ 30 on XBOX PCB
$ 40 on Chimp
$100 on buttons/stick
$ 20 on LEDs
$ 65 on Arduino
$ 20 on misc. parts

TE $100
Datel plus parts $100
Blank case for datel PCB $50
SE to use as blank case for padhacking $55
2 PS2 Pads for padhacking $30
More parts for padhacking stick $50
Convertors for padhacked stick $50
SE + parts for a 2nd stick $100

total: $535 give or take… and that is just this year

I might as well go over the price for this officially.

$420 for the HSS-0130
$65 for the 1-player Metal Control Panel.
$30 for the Art (50 -20 because I sold the other 2)
$12 Meshball top.
$115 for the Ascii Joystick
$60 for the 6 OBSC-RG buttons.
$15 for the 3 small Seimitsu buttons and button plugs
$35 for the MC Cthulhu
$40 for the Madcatz Fightpad
$10 imp
$5 dustwasher
$10 for the Neutrik Jack
$5 for the metal project box
$10 for the 3 Radio shack buttons.
$10 for the move marquee print out.
$50 for random shipping taxes and other stuff I’ve forgotten to add up like wires, random electronics supply stuff.


Damn. I need that flash thing from Men in black to erase the last 10 minutes of my memory, so I can just go back to enjoy using that stick. This was probably my most expensive project.

The Fry’s in Renton had like 65465416565416 TE sticks. I know plenty of people in there so I could get them for 80-100…

Overall in my stickbuilding and collection?
I would say over $4000.

My Arcana Heart 2 HRAP2 was about $130 with free shipping on e-bay. Add to that the cost of 6 Sanwa buttons, $15 in weights, and i’m still not done. Going to order custom artwork & plexi from Art’s hobbies one of these days. Should be around $28.

Had a hell of a time modding that thing by the way with its damned buttons-soldered-to-PCB, and steel button tabs on faceplate setup. It was a fun experience in the end though, and to have a Quality PS2 stick.

SE PS3 Madcatz stick, 70 bucks

Sanwa OBSF-30 6 pack + 2 free buttons, 21 bucks

Sanwa JLF 19 bucks

Overall just the barebones is around 120 bucks, planning to do more maybe with my mayflash.

I finished modding one of those last week, I had a blast with it.


needs pluralized.

but when i’m done i’ll let you know!

It was the mod that finally forced me to pick up a soldering iron and attempt to learn, as well as unsoldering connections, and learning to operate a dremel.

My soldering still totally sucks though, but with a little creativity i did surprisingly nice work.

Ah, I’d modded 8/10 sticks I had before the AH2 stick, one including a T5 which is only slightly more work than the AH2. Longest part was cutting the lengths of wire, crimping quick disconnects and tinning them to prep them for soldering to the PCB.

Now modded 9/11! (2x HRAP2SA don’t need any mods imo)

Around $200 for the round 1 TE (international shipping is a bitch). Around $120 on the RAP 3 including the mods. The next project’s gonna be a big step up since it’ll involve a custom all acrylic case and hopefully some ArcEyes.

lets see
madcatz se $90 (and got it cheap, they go for $150 in stores in my country)
sold madcatz buttons and joystick -$40
cthulhu $40
imp $11
buttons $18
joystick $25
neutrik $8
shipping and other stuff ~$30
total: lets say around $190

recently I got a TE $140 shipped and a paewong rev pcb $60 shipped, maybe will have to pay extra for the TE depending on overweight on the fly back home.

Until the AC2, the most complicated modding work i’d ever done was learning how to cut, strip, and crimp on new disconnects for wires, and installing a new PCB(that someone else did all the soldering work for).

All the stuff i had to do for the AC2 was WAY above the norm for me.

I even figured out a way to keep the stock Hori Start/Select buttons. Basically i smashed down a normal sized QD, to where its just big enough to put the pin at the end of the button on, and then super glueing it to stay connected. Not fancy but it worked lol.