So how much do Dreamcast systems usually go for?


Hi Everyone

I’m thinking of selling a Dreamcast system I have just laying around so I was wondering what do people usually get them for on here? Thanks =)


depends on the condition and what comes with it, either way it’s not much for just the system I seen em on ebay for like 30 bucks. Just post up what u got for what you feel it’s worth people will either buy or they won’t *shrugs


Thats cool I was looking for around 20 or 30 lol

Thanks =)


yeah, i have like 4 of them. wondering the same thing.


is it a US version or import Japanese system? i am looking to get a backup Jp unit.


i think all mine are US. how would i find out? i vaguely remember playing a japanese version of cvs2 on it.