So, how well did 3SOE do for its debut opening for both the PS and the 360?

Just wondering if anyone had any numbers or knows anything at all on how well it sold. I believe very well, but I have not seen any info about it anywhere.

I think NPD keeps track of game sales and rarely (if ever) makes it public. Sometimes a company will say, but not very often.

They’re not gonna say until it reaches some number that “exceeds expectations”.

Man…thanks for the info, rcorporon, and that stinks. really want to know what the sales figures are.

you might be right, bmckay…they may wait until it like hits one million sold or something, but it would be nice if they would announce how well it did for its debut, though.

Sucks that a lot of people (like me) are on the fence about buying it b/c we’re afraid they dropped the ball. I don’t have a next-gen system. 3S is the first game to give me a real reason to buy one. I’ve played it on both 360 and PS3. I’m thinking I’m going to 360, but I’m going to wait until after a few patches.

eventhubs is that way ->

Don’t let the haters steer you away… the game, while not perfect, is still more than enjoyable.

I’ve played it on GGPO a lot, and there’s an arcade cab usually 30 feet away when I play GGPO. I know the difference and the gimmicks on GGPO that don’t work on arcade.

I’m not afraid of 3SO’s playability as is right now. I think it’s on par with GGPO (3SO and GGPO have differing advantages), but 3SO has an advantage b/c of the (current) birth of new players.

I’m more afraid of today’s “patch-happy” culture. 3SO=/=GGPO=/=Arcade, but I think both of them are playable for casuals and killing time. I’m afraid that the future patches will make my view of the 360 and the PS3 reverse. That would be a $300 mistake. I would not be happy about that.

I played it for a bit and thought it was pretty good. What got me to quit for awhile were the lack of realistic scanlines. I’d hook up my SLG300, but since the game doesn’t scale correctly (another lazy F-job). I guess I can rule out that option.

Resolution accuracy my ass!

I’m hopeful the game will outsell MvC2 and ST:HDR.

I think it will outsell HDR easily. MvC2 Idk because that game has the Marvel characters and that appeals to a broader audience than just fighting game fans.

I hope casual gamers aren’t feeling burned out by all the 4 iterations and now 2 Marvel iterations and they skip 3s :confused:

I was kinda shocked to not see it at the top of the most sold games this week. Instead, Castle Crashers was. Shocking considering CC is 4 years old.
Also Fruit Ninja and Toy Soldiers are ahead of it :frowning: Also MK Kollection, Gunstar Heroes are out tomorrow, so it’s gunna have competition going into its second week.

Here’s hopeful it meets and exceeds expectations.

Haha, there is something I can agree with…

Those scanlines look fake as fuck…

CRT is the only way to play this game… the achievement shit doesn’t show up, HOW DO YOU REMOVE THAT SHIT ON A HDTV…

They say they thought of everything… but naahhh…

PS2 is more accurate in the aesthetics department, 3SOE is more accurate in the gameplay department…

I want options to drop all of the old 3S stuff back in the game:mad:…

I still play it, but I’m beginning to side with some of the OG folks that were dissing the port… don’t get me wrong, it’s good because it’s 3S… but it could’ve been done much better…

Let’s hope a patch fixes some shit up… I can do without alot of the extra shit except for trials(those are fun)… but everything else can kick rocks… put the finishing goddamn touches on the game capcom…

Despite what some people are saying, if you look in Tech Talk someone did some testing and showed that the PS3/360 versions are identical. So I would not worry much about differences between versions. I would go for what console looks more appealing/has more other games that you would like to play. If neither interests you more, then go for whatever.

Call me crazy but I’m getting an xbox (already have ps3) just to play a number of friends that are on xbox, oh and probably never going to get another game on the xbox aswell lol. 3s is the best, even if its not the best source, its 3s and its fucking fun. Man up and buy the game bro what the hell -_-

This is my biggest draw right now, too.

I alraedy had an xbox with a billion games but it was modded and banned. I don’t really play any of the games so I bought an xbox just for 3S. it’s the right thing to do as it supports our sluggish economy. Consumer spending makes up 70% of our GDP. SUPPORT OUR NATION.PLAY 3S!(says the guy with a billion burnt games)

3sOE on Xbox is better than ggpo simply because the netcode is updated. I hardly have any matches that lag and my worst connections are like the ones I always had on original GGPO. Even though it seems like they took the dreamcast version and rewrote it to be like arcade it is still pretty damn close. I was a hater at first and the only thing that still turns me off is the interface which you can almost completely avoid by playing crt. There is also no offline lag as far as I can tell on crt. So if you have a crt I would say get it.

I thought Capcom would advertise this game more, but I haven’t seen anything on xboxlive or youtube. Does AE have in game ads??