So how's the arcade scene like in Japan these days?

Is it dying out like in the US/Europe?

nope. fully going

So how do the Japanese and American scenes differ?

I’ve thought about starting my own arcade (I probably will at some point) but I need to do ton of research before I go ahead with it.

I wouldnt say the scene’s dying in England, its pretty much the guys running our arcades not really caring about what we want.

And this is one of the few differences on top of many other reasons why Japan’s fighting arcade scene is still fully going as mentioned above. Their arcade owners care.

well according to fubarducks post, it seems like competative gaming is one big convenience for the japanese. those lucky bastards. ah well, thats life.

your Av is uber-random btw.

If by Av you meant avatar it’s from Magic the Gathering (Shahrazad). I don’t consider that random being a fan myself. If that’s not what you meant, just remember I ride the short bus :wink:

You deserve to be repped again for that awesome post.