So I am new to the game and Im maining Akuma. Please help

So I have the arcade stick and super and I have been playing for about 2 months now. I have friends that play that I work with that are pretty good, I am away at school now and I have been trying to play akuma these last months and let me just say its an extremely frustrating process. I have just now gotten is combos down(Most of them) and I still get destroyed online not to mention how annoying it is to not have player matches…Sure endless battle is cool but I dont like waiting to play a video game that I own. I was advised not to play Akuma because of how difficult he is to master and the high learning curve. I personally think he is the coolest character and the most fun to watch when he is played correctly. I try to go on these forums and look at combos and stuff but the stuff is like Greek to me. I dont understand any of the lingo, and I feel like Im kinda just coming into fighting games at the wrong time. I feel as if everyone has been playing these games for like 8 years and here i am playing for 2 months and just getting absolutely destroyed everytime i go online. Any advice to help a noobie akuma player out?

Akuma is for advanced players and you are a newcomer. You must know the vortex, some framedata, priorities, your offensive movement ranges, mixups, blockstrings, frametraps, OS and every matchup (that means every enemy moves/options) not just “the combos”. With combos you can only win the dummy on training mode. First of all try to play solid on the ground, don’t jump free unless you knock down your enemy or you see an advantage when your enemy made a mistake. Then read guides, watch videos, etc… and understand what are you watching from every perspective.



Lol. Don’t listen to this trash; play whichever character you like.

However, if you’re looking for basic advice, try the Newbie Saikyo Dojo.

He is kind of right. Akuma takes dedication, and a lot of patience to master his style. One mistake can really mean game over, so I see what he is trying to say.

Akuma is a shoto with a few extra tools; for the way this guy wants to play him, he doesn’t require even half of the knowledge the first poster mentioned.

Obviously the guy wants to beast on his friends, and in a few online matches. He just needs basic fundamentals coupled with good punishes. That’s it. Besides, he can play Akuma runaway like every other basic Akuma and do just fine in general.

Once he’s got a good feel for this, and wants to level up his game, then he can start thinking about all the advanced techniques and knowledge mentioned in the first post.

I main Elf. I know what it’s like to play a character that takes dedication and patience.

I was the same way when I first played vanilla.
All I did with Akuma was run away, jump back fireball repeat.

YouTube - lordofultima’s Channel
Look for his Akuma videos, and trust me, you’ll learn a lot.

In my honest opinion, all those videos do is explain the amount of tricks/gimmicks he has, but no real way to apply them.

Are you an idiot? Yes. Should we listen to you? Mixed results

True enough, play who you feel is right to you. But real talk, if you don’t know what you are doing with Akuma, you will lose extremely quickly, more so than if you are playing another character you don’t know well.

@ OP: Here are some places you should look into:

Rugi’s Youtube Channel - He gives commentaries on his fights, telling you what he was thinking, what he was trying to do and most importantly why he was doing it. It has considerably changed my play style for the better, most notably [media=youtube]5kAnluubeO4"[/media]

LordOfUltima’s YouTube Channel - Great tutorials from Akuma basics, to more advanced things such as The Vortex, Demon Shenanigans and the Itabashi Slayer. Really good stuff to learn to become a solid Akuma

SheltonShenanigan’s YouTube Channel - My own channel where I upload various fights with friends and randoms, as well as a few gimmick and combo videos. I’m by no means a great or even good Akuma player, but I can usually hold my own. Maybe you can learn from the mistakes I’ve made and not repeat them

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Well thanks very much for the helpful responses. I am gonnna check all these video guides out and hopefully it will help me with my akuma game. I hear so much about this vortex thing and had no idea what it meant and after some of these videos im starting to realize how complex akuma play can actually become. Im gonna stick it out cause i know in the end it will be awesome when I can destroy people online and on LAN. Thanks again for the help.