So, I am pissed off today

It has to do with cell phones, and how useless they are for me except for dire situations. Simply put, going to Uni 40 minutes away without a cell phone is not an option. For one thing, because I can’t afford not to have a phone if I break down on the highway, secondly because I can’t even get a commuter parking permit without providing a cell phone number. Anyways, aside from the 10$ a month, it is such a hassle to carry it around in my pocket, turned on most of the time (supposedly, the purpose of providing a cell number is so campus security can contact if theres a parking issue). For most people, they are already doing this regularly because they use a phone for lots of things like calling friends, etc. But for me, it feels like such a straining issue. I hate it.

Carry it in your purse.

Phones are more useful than your life… please place a brick in a your shoe and hop into an ocean… and before you do say “take that society”… although I doubt anyone cares about you…

No one cares you pussy.

Carrying it in a bag or anything other than one of my front pockets isn’t an option, because it needs to be set to vibrate/no ringtone in case it goes off in the middle of class.

So keep it in your pocket stupid. Course if you just maned up and learned how to change a fucking tire this would be an issue.

How is this guy not banned yet

he’s kinda like those crazy guys roaming the town square claiming to be napoleon with a butterfly net in hand. sure its pretty sad, but he provides entertainment in the form of getting flamed. fun times for everyone!

Because it is genshiro and even though this version of him is a little bitch it is better than he used to be.

best response

If a phone is sitting in the same pocket as the car keys, is the contact going to cause some kind of metallic or magnetic interference with the battery? or damage to the phone?

Secondly, I’m rather insulted by those that say I am just a troll. The only topic I ever made that might be classified as a troll post was the one about the “Neverwinner Knight” name idea.

phones are very srs busniess.

Wow, this is one of the first g3nshiro accounts I didn’t know was him.

get rid of your phone

nobody is going to call you, you have no friends, you’re too terrified to even give a presentation in class

OP: Me too!

Wait wait, I mean-- Shut the fuck up.

Listin to this.
Then smash your phone. Then smash your face.