So I am trying to get the right picture for a tattoo

So I am getting a new tattoo and want to show my love for street fighter so I was thinking of getting a tattoo on my arm of course and I was thinking of getting Ryu doing the shoryuken… ya know the frame where he is at the hieght of the move.

but I was trying to find pictures of it and all I find is with his back turned. does anyone know where i could find a pic of all of the frames so hopefully I can find the right picture

the game doesn’t matter hell even pixel art would be alright but I would like something even from SSF4 that would have Ryu performing the Shoryuken

so if you could help me I would graciously thank you

Get a tat of vega’s snake coiling around your penis just like me dude. Or Gief blowing a kiss on your left buttcheek(just like me).

Dude, get hakan oiling your back on your back.

LOL you really have vega’s creepy tattoo on your… umm penis …

and I was actually thinking of getting of getting hakan oiling up

on your penis? GENIUS!!!

sfa3 intro

hmmmmm I might use that but it doesnt show the whole body

you should get a tattoo of naked chun-li doing a pole dance

nah dude that’s gay.

Get a tattoo of Chun-Li doing the ol SNES spinning bird kick. You know the frame I’m talking about. The one where you kept pressing pause on so you could see her panties.


Get a tat on your back of Hakan oiling up your penis

:u: We have a wienner

Try asking in IMM.