So I broke my SE Fightstick

Just thought I’d say goodbye to all considering I will probably never touch another SF game again. Gonna go sell my copy of SFIV and whatnot. Trying to get the restrictor plate off and I busted the chip underneath. So stupid. Anyway goodbye all thanks for all the help, strategies, and everything. Cheers!

Knipping, what chip did you bust? The one with the 4 microswitches on the joystick or the one secured to the case?

The 4 microswitches. Sorry for how vague my post was but ya - it was one of the microswitches.

Oh, that stock joystick is a pain in the ass to work with dude. Just pick up a JLF or LS32 and replace the entire thing - you’ll be glad you did.

If you don’t want to do that you can have my old stock mad catz joystick PCB, just give me cost of shipping. I have no use for it - just sitting in a bag of other stock parts from previous mods. New joystick would be best though.

So if I buy one of the Sanwa joysticks (such as on lizardlick) I should be good to go? That’s actually not to bad considering I hate the square gate anyway…

Ya, did you already buy the octagonal restrictor gate? If you dislike the square gate and didn’t already get one buy it with the JLF as it comes stock with a square gate like the stock mad catz one did.

uhh yeah, get the gt-y

^^ Not the JLF-TP-8YT-SK?


Joystick with a black shaft cover. Comes with square gate.

GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate

Is the gate you want to order along with the joystick.

Never mind I get what you’re saying.

get the jlf suited for the se, but get the gt-y gate too if you dislike square gates.

Thanks for all the help guys I thought for sure I was screwed.

By the way, if you’re ordering a new joystick - go ahead and order some buttons as well since you’ll have the stick opened up anyway.

hrmm juss wonderin why dont u like the square? do u play with QCF type chars?

@Kazijuro - I plan to order buttons also, yes

@SIKWIDIT510 - Yep, usually main Rufus but I throw some Gouken in there to mix things up.

Cool to see you sticking with it, you’ll be glad you did :tup:

^^ I never planned on leaving before my stick broke. I love the game a ton but I was not gonna spend another 100 bucks on a new stick. Luckily, now I don’t have to! Will have to wait awhile for parts though. Is lizardlick the fastest as far as getting your parts?

Lizard Lick is all I’ve bought from but you’ll wait a good 2-3 weeks, others have said modchipman and gamingnow ship out fairly quickly in comparison.

Gamingnow is beastly with shipping, took an average of three days for my orders. Good thing about the madcatz sticks is should anything break, its easy to replace.

Ah damn I ordered from lizardlick. Hopefully it won’t take too long, I wanna get back to kickin’ ass with Rufus. Again, thanks a lot for all the help guys.