So i decided

So i decided to order a p360 for my mas. I’ve been usin a comp mas for a while now and im wondering if p360 makes that much of a difference when doin shit like tri jumping and shit… Is it worth me actually getting it? cause i wanna order it now but i wanna hear what some of you guys think first:wink:

I hate p360’s but maybe that’s just me.

You’ve got to learn to find the corners again-- the biggest obstacle I’ve come across. P360 not my preference either though.

I have a Hard Spring stick, but P360 is waaaaaaaaaay better.

For Marvel, p360 are the best unless you play on a jap stick.

you wouldnt get the “arcade feel”

cf has 360s, so you might as well get one yourself, esp if you play there often.

let us know how the install goes. I might do the same thing myself if it’s not too bad.

I have a Sanwa stick that I use for Marvel and it’s awful for it. =(

I like HAPP sticks and I especially like P360s. It is definitely an upgrade from the other HAPP joysticks. It’s tight and goes back to neutral quickly, which is good for Marvel. Everything is so much easier on them for me, even dashing since the buttons are not as sensitive as my Sanwa buttons.

Will doo. I should be getting it in the mail sometime next week maybe monday. I hope it comes with instructions on how to install cause im a scrub at that type ah shit:razzy:

highly unlikely you’ll get any instructions… and you’ll want to probably purchase some madcatz dreampads off ebay, otherwise you’ll be soldering to the copper contacts on the dreamcast pad (plus you might fry your controller port since I heard the 5v line is really close to other lines).