So, I don't know how to handle Cable-Cable mirror matches

Everyone else such as Magneto, Storm, Sentinel, even Strider and Iron Man I can take, but when I find myself facing another Cable player online, I just go blank. I have absolutely no idea what to do when this happens. What do I do? Try to turtle him out? I main Scrub, by the way (sometimes or Cable/Iron man (Projectile), Capcom.

comes down to mostly who can get close enough land a hk or fp xx ahvb x 3 and use grenades and throws more. Like someone said Cable is not good at making opponent make mistakes, but he’s great for punishing.

dont do stupid shit, basically. dont do fierce vipers, dont jump hp throw grenade, dont empty psimitar

If its online, bait him… Like:
Super jump HP, grenade, land, super jump and block. They will most likely super jump and try and AHVB you.
Make sure they aren’t on the ground: Call assist(sentinel) and super jump grenade. If they AHVB your assist grenade will hit them and just AHVBx3 them.

Pretty much just bait and turtle it out and don’t do anything unsafe. Remember he can’t open you up if you can block Magneto/Storm rush down. You also have Sentinel…

What’s wrong with that?

well, nothing per se, just dont do it EVERY time you jump, as it will just be free for the other cable to jump and AHVB you


I mean to be honest with you if your opponent or even yourself is doing a certain pattern it’s not that hard to figure out and punish. When I see someone that can play with Cable, even half-way decent, they do the usual jump back, hp, grenade, lp viperbeam and/or AAA or scmitar (if someone gets close). Cable is a keep away character, I’ve never really seen him played rushed.

Another thing too, I think Cable sucks unless he has meter.

The closest top tier who plays kind of like Cable is Storm. I say that because with Mags you basically have 1 main gameplay strategy, rush. With Sentinel you’re strategy is to zone. Those are the two best bets 99% of the time unless you’re completely desperate and want to try some hideously unsafe strategies.

So imagine Cable’s matchups like Storm matchups but more so because with Cable you have to constantly readjust your strategy. The whole “don’t jump and do XYZ” or “don’t fall into a pattern” - I’m sure while given with good intentions - are wrong because there’s never for sure a proper time and a place to do (or not to do) so. It’s kind of like the whole analogy of “when to hailstorm”/“random hailstorms?” you have people claiming “never hailstorm randomly” but that catches people anyway…

my point is trying to memorize a bunch of theory about what to do step by step as cable is going to get you killed. cable more than any other top tier is about reacting and changing your gameplay throughout the game.

Well the idea about when to do certain things shifts with the current risk to reward ratio. Cable is normally fairly low risk to do air viper beam… but with the other cable threatening with AHVB… it’s just not worth it. If you hit you do small amount of dmg… if he hits he might win the whole match. Grenade on the other hand might be worth it. You’d just try to use it in low risk situations or if in high risk… it’s at least more likely to be worth it b/c u might get to combo your own AHVB.

So while both are unsafe grenade looks like the much better option if you had to stick something out… or make something happen. Also U can sj and throw a nade and you will be to high for cable to combo more AHVBs… while doing normal air viper has to be done low to hit… where you can get 3XXXXXXX’D.

Honestly I think cable vs cable is probably a bad discussion for that though…lol Since it doesn’t follow most normal match up rules. If both cables ONLY did safe stuff then it would be a match of air throwing each other and doing j.hp… pretty lame.

The understanding of how to play Cable (let alone in a mirror match) is VASTLY dated. Most people have a very shallow understanding of Cable and their experience with him is still from like… 2004. The misinformation spread around is hideously bad too; I remember there’s an article/post floating around from way back about how to play cable and what some leading strategies are. It’s bad despite being very accurate at the time of writing (early 2000) but completely wrong now.

In actuality trying to wave dash underneath an opposing Cable and SJing to throw him is terrible. In fact, trying to throw an opposing player is dumb 99% of the time anyhow. One of the reasons why a SJ throw is bad is because the risk vs reward is not in your favor. If you succeed you deal, what, 7 or 8 % of his HP? If you fail you’re out of position and since you’re directly above him he doesn’t have to worry about wavedashing to you and can even try to cross you up.
If you look at the way Sanford played in 2009 with Cable and how he took EVO, he violates every “rule” that a good Cable is supposed to do.

My point was that for cable to beat cable… it’s damn near impossible to use cables favored tactics. Trying to just means someone will make the right read and take the whole game most likely. Plenty of chance that it wont be you… You’d be better off trying some shenanigans or other odd ball tacs that are normally only situational.

So most of what we said is basically the same… tho I don’t cotton to throws being a bad idea 99% of the time. Maybe with cable simply b/c he can’t combo out of it… and it doesn’t do a lot of dmg… but there are countless situations where a good ole’ throw can be great.

Aiir throws are super low risk often times… jumping at someone who has a good airthrow is very dangerous. U wanna do some jump in hit but but its easily possible for him to get option selecty with the air throw. aka jump at the dude jumping at you… while holding back… hit whichever fierce does your throw (do it late)… and you’ll get a.) air throw them b.) fierce them in the air which they block c.) fierce them in the air which they don’t block d.) block whatever they stuck out b/c u hit the button to late to get into your attacks startup animation (unless they blocked and the spacing was bad… thats when u get b or c). While you aren’t collecting anything huge there (unless you can combo out of your air throw) there was almost no way for it to go against you… …and also if u add an assist call as you jump to throw… you can combo out of a lot of them for real pain.

Likely you already know all that and u were referring more to air throwing vs cable but I already typed it so…

I agree with tascar, I feel like since everyone knows what cable can do and his strategies, the best way to play him is to do random shit. like when sanford did wakeup psimitar+commando to kill storm, or psimitar over a snapback into AHVB.

but at the same time, the random shit cant be stupid shit. since cable is so overwhelmed by the rest of the top 4, he really is a character you have to play more with feeling and instinct and just general knowledge of the character and game than anyone else IMO

I agree with all that for the most part. I just think cable can’t do his normal shtick vs another cable b/c ahvb beats it all pretty much. I don’t know that I’d use random to describe what needs to be done… but it should SEEM random to the other cable. B/c if he ever gets to predict u accurately it’s gonna be ggpo…

To be honest nick I wanna see you make a cable rush team… I’ve heard sanford actually had rush down cable teams at one point. Want to see that in action really bad…lol

rushdown cable? the only way i can imagine that working is when you have assists that put the opponent in alot of blockstun. jwong in the clock/neo MM said it best, alot of people dont know how o use cyclops assist, he’s a rushdown assist more than a keepaway assist, so scrubclops is as rushdown as I get with cable, but even then you have to watch out for the bitch psylocke.

cable can work with psylocke a bit though but not really, in my experience. you can get the lk mk tk AHVB after psyblade but she doesnt really get people off of you. id like to see what sanford ran as a rushdown assist for cable? maybe doom rocks?

Ya I’d like to see vids of sanfords early cable… perhaps I’ll try to hunt em down. I assume rushdown cable would mean keeping people in blockstun… trying to force mistakes… using frame trap setups with as often as possible while moving fwd instead of back. I’ve seen cable do bursts of rush like that… but normally when he has to make something happen. Obviously it sounds dangerous… but also sounds somewhat fun…

Best Cable starting team is Cable/Sentinel/Cyclops by far. Capcom doesn’t offer enough as compared to Santhrax.

Storm has worse zoning than Cable, but better defense. What I mean by that is once Storm gets caught in a bad spot, it’s easier for her to manuever out and regain a good position. She has a harder time keeping people out (like Magneto or Sentinel) but conversely it’s harder to catch her in a bad spot. Capcom helps a lot with the zoning in that regard.

Cable has better zoning than Storm, but worse defense. He’s way better at keeping people out, but once he gets into a bad situation it’s very difficult for him to get out. Capcom fails at this for the same reasons why Sentinel/Capcom is much better offensively than defensively. It’s too easy to air dash/normal jump/stuff out commando and get back on top of Cable. Unlike Storm/Sentinel, a solid AAA hit with Cyclops can easily lead into at least 1 AHVB, whereas with other characters you’re either too far away or you traded hits so you don’t recover fast enough.

Plus, Cable/Sentinel/Capcom loses to the Cyclops version for free. You could say that “well you can runaway since there’s no corridor to cover SJ”. Well honestly anyone who tries running away from Cable without a really REALLY solid lead is doomed to lose the game anyway.

I think Cable is suited to aggressive play/zoning, but not to rushing. To me, rushing is doing stuff like trying to do a high/low mixup with minimum coverage, trying to beat out attacks (where you hope your priority or speed will carry you), and closing the distance sacrificing defense to gamble on a high damage payoff.

Madtitan you talk about how Cable is bad without meter (or bad without lots of it). Well truthfully in a commonly encountered game setting, Cable can burn that 1 meter off of a hit confirm in the first 10 seconds, and then all he has to do is successfully zone OR ward you off twice with cyclops assist and he’s back in business. So even though Mags vs Cable is a pretty bad matchup, as long as Cable can shut out Magneto’s rushdown attempt twice with cyclops he’s good. If you landed 1 AHVB, then shut out Mags 2x to land one more AHVB it’s over.

yeah, land that crouching jab to start the match into 4xfierce, drones, and thats a good half life gone

I think it’s like 60-70% actually… even better!

lk lk hk capcom assist super jump hp (possible to viperbeam) AHVB LOL I love this combo