So I "Downgraded" To Windows XP

Of course this is yet another Vista rant thread. I need to let this out. Windows Vista was a nightmare. I wouldn’t recommend that piece of shit to my worst enemy. I’m free people, freeeeeeeeee.

Good Job, Im stuck with Vista. I do like its presentation but as far as performing simple task it has too many problems. I just deal with them but i do miss XP Pro a lil.

One thing about vista is no viruses are safe vista locks everything down.

sp1 in march

Windows 7 in 2009. Enjoy your NTFS version of ME.

::lols at vista’s expense::


Its tempting to downgrade, I really hate Vista. Thankfully my job doesn’t use Vista yet.

What if you’re just using your PC for basic things like going online and running MS Word? Is Vista still that bad?

I actually like Vista. Haven’t had a problem with my games (I mainly play Phantasy Star Universe), my 3D programs like 3ds Max, my Photoshop, or any of that stuff. Only thing it wouldn’t let me run was an old emulator.

your computer probably sucks, vista is awesome.

vista is so pringles, you dont know wtfh ur talking about

I’m smart and sticking to XP til a newer Windows comes out…then I’ll switch to Vista prob. and wait for ANOTHER new Windows to come…then switch to the one that came after Vista or downgrade back to Windows 98 or XP…and continue the cycle.

Vista is curleh mustache

I got a laptop as a bday present and it has Vista on it. I hate that shiet with a passion.

eh? :wonder:

lol Vista prompts you about everything. Such and such program wants to install. etc

Its just me and a few others that have vista problems. My friends have only had slight issues with vista.

I got ultimate for free (which means i’m gonna get owned with SP1…), and have never had any problems . It blue screened on my first use, which almost made me fall for the anti-hype, but i’ve never had any problems with it again. If a program crashes, I NEVER have to restart. Task manager works like a dream. The interface looks amazingly pretty, and everything runs smoothly.

I couldn’t even imagine going back to XP.

Can’t you specify which programs need the prompt versus those that don’t? Or is there only an option to turn it ON/OFF completely? I’ve done the latter.

I’ve had my new PC with Vista since late August and there have been no issues whatsoever. Of course, I don’t run much with it. I’ll hop online, play some emulators, and run AIM (or other misc. programs). No problems here.

Knocks on wood

It’s NOWHERE near as bad as people make out. It’s mostly for programs that aren’t compatible with Vista, or programs that need to modify the registry/program files in some way.

So for example, let’s take pokerstars…it’ll give me that prompt for installing pokerstars. Everytime I run pokerstars, it’ll be normal… but if pokerstars needs to update, it will give me that prompt again.

I downgraded but mostly because it was pre-installed on my new laptop and I’m sorry but 512 mb of ram is not enough to run vista AND other shit.