So I finally bought a arcade stick (and where you can get it)


This is the Hori Real Arcade Pro Amazon JP Orange edition. Best arcade stick I ever used. I can do everything from Gen Alpha 2 chains to Boxer combos in SF4. I also bought a converter for use with PC and PS3 and Its like being a 10 year old kid again playing TMNT the Arcade Game and playing Super Turbo on GGPO with this thing. When I bought it, they were offering free shipping but that deal seems to be off. They have a limited stock so if you want one, get on that ish fast.

Update: I took into consideration my playing on GGPO and some suggestions and I do plan to mod this stick with Sanwa buttons. Either way, after using this, its going to be hard to go back to a pad.

I have pics of the stick and my converter right here:


hm… doesn’t seem like a great deal. i think hrap3’s are going for around 150, although i got mine for 90. hrap2 SA’s are going for 200 on ebay.


nice stick


i was gonna get one of those. they were going for $115 free shipping on ebay. but then they shot up with the release of sf4. Thats when i decided to get into modding and save $$$.

Cool stick though, same button layout as the t5 stick minus the turbos and different button mapping.


IMO this is the most beautiful out of the box HRAP! Gratz man. Now if you want to take things a little bit further, replace those stock buttons for Sanwa’s OSBF/N’s (same colors) and you’ll be heaven!

Ps.: A friend of mine purchased a HRAP2SA from this very same seller last friday. As somebody mentioned, 200 bucks.


You know man I was just thinking of that! With Akirabara shop now open im looking for some nice Sanwa buttons. Orange of course. Im going to place a order this week.

As for whether this was a good deal or not, I got my stick for $149.00 when it was free shipping. You gotta consider that the PS2 HRAP’s are not being made anymore and they are sold out at every place. Personally, this is a steal especially for the Orange stick.


HRAP2 SA’s for 200? i managed to get one back in december off ebay brand new for $93. Now i realize how big of a steal it was. :o