So I found a Motorola/Verizon Droid x phone

You find the damndest things in cvs bags in your local Wal-mart’s bushes. I though it was broken, but took it home anyway, and connected it to my pc to (hopefully) charge. Well, after 4 hours, lo and behold, there’s life in the old girl yet, but it hasn’t been used since, apparently, april 30th, so there’s no phone service on it, and it doesn’t use sim cards. What can I do with it…use it like a smaller version of my tablet, and load it up with apps?

Idunno…this is the best find I had since that Gameboy w/Contra back in 7th grade.

Okay, I think they tossed it on purpose: the battery would run out in like 20 minutes(!!) with all the crap the previous owner had on here that I couldn’t delete or even kill, but after I did a factory reset (which got rid of the offending apps and restored the default settings), that problem is gone.

Good times. Can’t beat a free phone. You should be able to get online with it using WiFi. Also, replacement batteries for it are cheap on Amazon if you notice it isn’t holding a charge very well. I still have the original Motorola Droid and it works great. I would recommend downloading a launcher app called Go Launcher EX. It replaces the stock home screen and is a lot more responsive and has way more options.

I will definitely check that app out. Thank you. Hey, this little bugger also seems to have come with Madden NFL 11 and Need For Speed Shift pre-installed after the reset. Interesting…

Those apps are pre-installed on all the original Droid X models :slight_smile:

Ah, i see…I wish android could handle fighters, via a mini-usb controller.

I know what you mean. The closest thing we have is emulators and roms. If you had a physical keyboard, you could use something like this (I do):