So I gave SF1 another chance

…and it’s still one of the most positively awful games I’ve ever played. Good lord, who let that dog out the door? :wasted:

Every now and then, I load up Street Fighter thinking, “It can’t be as bad as I thought it was, could it?” And every time, I marvel at how I’ve allowed that waste of hard drive space to exist on my comp simply for “posterity.” :looney:

I don’t think I’ve ever been able to pull off any of the special moves on the game, so I always end up sticking with the Fierce or Roundhouse moves because they’re the only ones that do any damage providing you can pull off the “timing” (and in this case I use that term loosely) and hit someone with them.

This game makes me appreciate WW (and all the subsequent SF games,[even EX :rofl:]) so much more.

Try to give Samurai Shodown 1 another chance, though CPU will murder you if you use repetitive tactics

While we’re at it, World Heroes 1 was pretty awful.

No, wait, I take that back. The whole World Heroes series was terribad. WH Perfect came the closest to actually being playable.

See, I really liked SS1. At the time it came out, it was the best fighter SNK had ever released IMO. But yeah, the comp can be murderous if you’re not on your A game.

I agree with you too Gandara about WH. It had its own flavor to it, but ultimately (at least the first one) was just too much of an SF clone, and not a very good one at that. I loved the Death Match mode though. That’s something I’d like to see other games incorporate as it was pretty fun to play especially with someone else.

hold an attack button do the motion then release.thats how you do moves in sf1

I tried that too. Still doesn’t work. The windows in that game are just stupid. I managed to do a couple fireballs and a Hurricane Kick, but it was basically an accident. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it was decent and definitely looked nice for the time. WW is pretty horrible these days too, though it’s definitely exponentially better than SF1. CE is still pretty playable if you don’t get bored with the slow speed.

The only good thing about SF1 was the actual cabinet. You only had two buttons and you just hit them as hard as you wanted for the strength of the attack. Of course it never worked like it was supposed to but it was fun as hell pounding the shit out of it.

OG SF2 art style > HDR art “style”.

ok but its still horrible

There isnt many fighters that game #1 was actually good, at least over time.

The only one I can think of is Soul Caliber. SC1 is the best of the 4. KI doesnt count cause their is bascially only 2.

SC1 was a sequel to soul blade tho so…

Why is it a “bad” game if it has never been done before. Street Fighter was probably awesome when it came out. Now, if it was released during the golden era of fighters, you might have something. But you cannot fault innovation just because you think “it sucks”

Is it good? Not by today’s standards, but thats an unfair comparison. Same thing with SF2WW. Do the controls function properly? If you don’t try and break the game does it function the way it’s supposed to? You can’t compare these game to current standards because what they did at the time had no contemporaries to judge them off of.

Well, maybe Ye Ar Kung-Fu…

I always wondered if characters other Ryu had specials in Street Fighter 1.

Special moves are cheap anyways. You shouldn’t be allowed to use them in any fighting game, ever, unless by accident.

werent ww1 and ss1 influenced by sf2? not sf1?

I always wanted to play SF1 with the pressure pads and shit. Remake that shit for the Wii, Capcom. But it was fun playing it just so I can say I had the experience.

Ah, yes. I forgot that.

I’m not a 3d guy, so please forgive me haha

Considering Karate Champ came out in '84, 3 years earlier than SF and was more playable (which isn’t saying much), I’d say Capcom should have done a little more work. Granted, Karate Champ isn’t amazing either, but with 3 years on them, Capcom should have come up with something a bit better.

And I still think WW holds up. Yeah it’s pretty outdated by today’s standards, but I still think it’s a good game.

Yes they do. I think most of them are more regular moves though. Birdie has this headbutt thing that takes off literally half your energy and he can do it at a moment’s notice.