So I get this PM from AirbrushKing

So I get this PM from AirbrushKing the other day…

I want to report an issue with the grammar police because it’s an issue and I want to resolve the issue.

So which thread is it? A thread title was not given to me at all to help find it.

Is this true, Ranma? :rolleyes:

A business owner? What do you do?

  1. Ranma0005 only has power over the Southwest forum, and all deleted threads by mods are soft deletes, meaning I can see them. He hasn’t deleted anything in months.

  2. From what I was told, you’ve never been approached to help run tournaments by Ranma0005.

  3. I’m a more experienced tournament organizer than you’ll ever be.

  4. Why are you trying to make shit up?

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Reporting for duty, sir!

I really love the trend lately of individuals with no money or resources making up “major” events.

“OK, we’re having a tournament on XX weekend, just bring TVs, PS2s, controllers, joysticks, deodorant, and a fire extinguisher! Oh, and I get 20% since I organized everything and secured this Motel 6 Lobby for you guys”.

After years of attending tournaments, I think Javi gets a good laugh out of these characters. :slight_smile:

yessur, I do.

Title of the thread AirbrushKing Tournaments (SSBB/MVC2). I had to re-post it 4 to 5 days ago.

  1. is my business. Make tons of money of of it!

  2. They asked me to run brawl weeklys there and there a F-ing arcade. They say we hate and bash consoles. Im not on here to start shit. Im on here to find out who deleted my thread and for what. I was suppose to do my MvC2 tournaments there (at the old location) but I said the galleria is a better venue! And they get mad and start wishing my tournaments to go to hell. :rofl: 2 bad cause I got 3 venues.

  3. Never that. :confused:

  4. Making shit up. Wow. Read this–>

No one plays MvC2 at Pz anymore because of this/Read from page 5 until and the thread gets LOCKED because the truth was coming out–>

A part 2.0 of the thread has to be created for some more truth to come out–>

Brawl community–>

And this–>

Sorry, people dont make shit up. Lets resolve this matter before it gets out of hand. How do you explain my thread getting deleted? Did you do it or did he? Thanks

Ps: Ranma or Kensou can not edit this thread or delete it! Like on mashharder… :arazz: Like my patna Trae would say “The Truth is Here” Whatever is in the dark must come to the light!

Oh, you mean this one? :confused:
No replies in over a month, it disappears from normal view. Learn how to use the internet, son.

You must be making tons of money, yet you go to a Denny’s to eat a free meal. Ballin’ outta control, son.

So you post on here to bitch about a thread that was made on another forum? GTFO.

I can’t believe I wasted my time on this crap.

Learn from wal-mart son. Save money, live better

Next Naa no bitching just wanted to know who deleted my thread. Question still was never answered? Who deleted my thread? You asked me questions and I answered them. Anymore questions contact me!

Learn how to use the internet. Hmmmm and seem to be doing well enough I can stay in the galleria and pay 715$/1 bedroom rent and still enjoy life without having to struggle. Thanks Done–>:wasted: Got 4 more websites on the way… :clapdos:

Ps: Thanks for your time :woot:


this is all pretty entertaining…until i realize i dont care in the slightest…

javi, you cracked me up.

airbrush: your thread was never deleted…it just didnt get any posts/replies and fell off the front page.

sidenote: ranma and javi have run hundreds of tournaments…good ones too.

all i know is…i notice abking always talkin bad about pz…is it a coincidence that this happens to be his competition?

the other thing thats a bit funny…is how you accused ranma of paying rent with peoples money…and then you turned around and bragged about being able to afford 715 bucks a month RENT from your earnings.

well, ill just sit back and enjoy this a bit longer…itll probably get interesting.

Its been a while since I heard from you. How you been? :wonder:

Accused ranma. Got 2! He is the moderator for southwest like javi said. So if you do the math correctly, he is the only one that can delete my thread and for some other people who have a little bit of powers. I know to many players that have been burned behind them.

Back to business. Earnings. Hmmmm Lets see I run mvc2 tournaments at the gally and charge a 5$ entry fee and dont charge a venue fee??? I give all the money back to the players because its pot! Hmmmm Same thing goes for my brawl tournaments at play n trade… Dont see how thats earning anything. You tell me!!!

Interesting I think not. I know who deleted my thread and I just was wondering is it out of spite like throwing a tournament the same day as mine. Look at the thread above and you will see. Ive done dealt with people before that are snakes so I know how this will end. I cant wait. 3rd venue is almost ready!

Talking bad about Pz. Im bored talking about them. Competition, Ill tell you this. I shut down 3 businesses and 2 airbrush artists with my ideas so I know how this will end if it gets that far. I wont be entertaining this much longer. I have better stuff to do like airbrush at Please check my history. This is no competition. Im not impressed!

Ill do you a favor and provide you the link–> Click on business news. I build and I will destroy them!

As far as this thread is concerned Im DONE! I know who did it NOW…

=/ i miss the old h town

I miss stargate =(. and lolicup…sigh

don’t mind deangelo

just smile and nod

So pm is a public message? I thought it was a private message…i’m confused now.

ROFL… I haven’t been on SRK in forever as you can tell from my avatr and this dude still thinks his thread is deleted? It’s still there with 0 replies.



This just proves, that OG’s still and ALWAYS WILL have game.

AirbrushKing sorry but GGPO.

dallas tournaments are the new texas tournaments… for now atleast.

This proves that OG’s are just as crooked as PZ John Mccain. Lets see… OG’s that work with Ranma on here are considered cheerleaders that need guidance to the truth! Check the 1st post I made exposing what the truth is. Its out there and is always trying to get covered up. So many gamers have been burned at PZ tournaments aka Ranma tournaments thats why nobody goes to any of them. I did the research on all the past weeklys (Tuesday Fight Nights) and my results come to find out that less people are entering there (Recent) tournaments. You think of this bright idea 1 day and decide to CHARGE for the weeklys that have been FREE for the past 3-4 years in business. Thats why he is forced to stop running tournaments on OG games because everyone is tired of being scammed! So what they had SF4 tournaments and dont give out weekly payouts. (Hell I Do/Nothing 2 Hide) You cover it up with a scam and give kensou & ranma 6-8 bountys in points so he can make 1st place so he can secure himself $$$ at showdown. I think im going to stop right there before I start telling some more truth. I know so much about them so please dont piss me off to were I would make a blog about this. Its been done already. Like PZ John told ME (He doesnt want to relive the past) Hint Hint… 2 regionals ago (old location)–> had 5 people enter for cvs2 not including ranma begging for more people to enter because he said the tournament was going to start at 2 and there door was closed and didnt open till 4. I talked to the San Antiono players that day outside and I said what yall doing out here. He said PZ was closed. Remind you he came with his wife and kids on a hot day 95 degrees. Other games got canceled because NOBODY showed up! Thats what I call one hell of a tournament organizer. Good job :tup: I guess thats why planet-zero can no longer post any of there tournaments on here because The Man With The Plan aka Mr.Wizard said NO Until All players are paid there unpaid earnings–> Im not going to tell you again. Im DONE!:zzz:

Javi How are you going to turn a PM into a thread. One hell of a friend you are. Its true what they say, Guilty by association! The question you need to ask ranma is, Is all of this True?:rolleyes:^^^^^^^^^^^^^ always tells the truth!

W//Genius\W Keyword (READ) before you speak GED :sad:^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Ps: Dont turn this into Law and Order and I get people to start exposing this FAKE!