So I get this PM from AirbrushKing

Man dude, thats tooooooo much of a paragraph on a thread for me… Im way too sleepy to read this right now

Where did all this come from? I know it say’s I’ve been a member since 05’ but I’ve been in the scene since 2000 and I never saw any of this stuff back in the day. SG was the place, TS 05’ had a bunch of big names and turn outs. Scams and business talk is no place for a VIDEO/FIGHTING GAME COMMUNITY.

I don’t know all the facts or anything, I just read what people say and come to my conclusions from there. I’m not going to accuse anyone of anything. I’m simply saying that it’s just strange seeing all this stuff come up. Stuff like this is what made be stop playing marvel and other games competitively, people started caring too much about the money.

I understand that people need to pay bills and make livings off of things like tournies, food, drinks, and attendants, but when it comes to people making it all about the money I don’t mind going home and hooking up a DC and calling some buddies over.

Like I said before I’m not accusing anyone or picking sides, I’m just calling it how I see it. I don’t know all the facts but I do know that the community isn’t the same as it use to be.



Wow just wow. I thought this was a gaming COMMUNITY…how can the SAME players not act the SAME way??? Just at a different venue??? I mean aren’t we all supposed to be in this for the same reason?? Games? Fun? Entertainment??? WTF is this place becoming??? I just don’t get it, why does it REALLY matter where or who you game with, aren’t we supposed to have each others back?? I mean can we do this? Is it REALLY that much to ask for?

That’s why I always said that drama shouldn’t belong in the gaming community period. Its entertaining but not necessary. Entertaining is the games purpose of being made in the first place.

But as long as there are people that take things out of proportion and not handling it the responsible way, drama will forever exist.

but dude, 2 weeks from on the 16 the real entertainment BEGINS!!!

Do you even think before you post, man? :confused:

What do you know about me?

You didn’t post anything worth looking at. Why don’t you take valid quotes and post them on here?

I agree with this.

I put the PM into a thread because you falsely accused someone of something that never happened. And who’s to say that I am your friend? I’ve never even met you. As for Ranma being my friend, so he is. But if he’s being an idiot, then I’m going to come out and call him out on that. Right now, however, I think you’re the one being an idiot. Cite quotes and give VALID examples before you post!

You want to make things better? Then stop whining and complaining and do something about it.

Do something about it. Im already am. Whining :rofl: You consider whining when the truth about your so called friend is being EXPOSED! 3rd venue is on the way. Best of both worlds. (Console/Arcade) Its sad that some people dont have the intelligence to learn how to READ. Everything is valid that I said in the 1st post. Like I said before I find it funny that a cheerleader like yourself aka Ranmas Friend would put my PM into a thread. :clapdos: Now who looks bad :bottle: Sure is not me. Make things better. Play N Trade/Galleria/3rd Venue. An idiot does what you did! ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT! Never met you either. We could if you want to. Ill give you my contact info so we can meet. You set a date and time. Call me when you ready, 281-725-6821. You know who to ask 4! Available 24/7 days a week. Email me at–>

Anything else that has to be said, please say it to me in PERSON. Call me or See me at my tournaments at Play N Trade/Galleria/3rd Venue. Until then The AIRBRUSHKING.NET :zzz:HAS SPOKEN!–> :nono:

Houston Texas VideoGame Community Stand UP!:chainsaw:

LOL. This is funny, even though everything u say about pz and ranma may be true, I thought u were upset because you thought someone deleted your post. It sounds like your post is still there but it got no replies, well that’s what I’ve read but I’m not sure If it’s true or not.

Let me get to my point…

I’m pretty sure Javi has nothing to do with planet-zero so attacking him through ranma/pz
really doesn’t have any effect.

But it’s still funny.

And we all know that OG is just an acronym for senile.:confused:

Im surprised they still remember how to log-in to srk.

Wait what??? The same people hating on the other posts still go to PZ day in and day out but yet come here to talk mess?? Once again SRK logic confuses me? meh.

REALLY! Ill NEVER go to PZ again. The last times Ive been going up there I spent 1$ so Remember LOYALTY over $$$ TITO! You know what im talking ABOUT! 3rd venue is almost here. Get ready. Ill pray for you TITO :pray: I treat PZ like a $1 store!

Ps: Stand next to fire and you will get burned AGAIN TITO! :looney:

I wasnt talking about you, I was suprised to see FACE going along with it since he is there all the time. Thats pretty fraud but whatever. You know I support the PEOPLE DeAng. I always have and always will. You dont gotta worry bout me mate, but if you ever feel like sitting down and discussing it, ill be more than happy to be middle man. Nomtombot

My bad. I agree. Whenever you ready TITO I am! Set a date and time…

haha Tito you got it twisted, smile and nod is what you do when you don’t understand someone.

Ahh ok, just making sure. Cus I was like ORLY? NO CANT BE!! hahahah you know me man. I wont sugar coat shit. lol

fuckin tito :lol:
feel free to keep calling me out… im misunderstood pretty easily around here

this thread feels like a drinking game
every time abk plugs his website/events for no apparent reason, take a shot

at least he keeps active with his marketing. any publicity is good publicity

Yeah face sometimes when I think your sad, you’re actually really really happy. Then when you are happy i find out you’re sad, but inside…deep inside.

LOL face you my homey you know it!!!

SW = strongest division

you know what the best part about this thread is? all this crap is because people dont know how to use an internet forum…and you know, LOOK and see that there are multiple pages to a forum due to the frequency of new threads that just so happen push each other down unless its a sticky no? so all this for a click to page 2 or (insert number of pages here) when searching for information, posts or looking for threads that got pushed to page 2 due to it not being active…i thought that was understood?

successfully proves that people still cant use the internet in the year 2oo9.

see the above

i cant lie and say i didnt get a good laugh out of this one


totally agree with ya javi, i’m sure you have better things to do

lol again

mmn hmm…

DONE!! smiles and nods

Anything else that has to be said, please say it to me in PERSON. Call me or See me at my tournaments at Play N Trade/Galleria/3rd Venue. Until then The AIRBRUSHKING.NET :zzz:HAS SPOKEN!–> :nono:

Yet you still fail to cite valid examples.

I’d meet with you, but since you are ballin’ outta control, I think I would be taken back by your ballin’ status.

LOL at the Denny’s thing! Ballin out of control for real…