So I got KOF MI Maniax last night and

I was wondering what other people think of it compared to other 2d to 3d Transitions.

I think so far it’s the best 2d to 3d transition. it’s a little faster than it should be but I got used to the pace.

I never played Shodown 64 and Fatal Fury Wild Ambition. I don’t know how MI compared to those. (I understand Shodown 64 is awesome and WA isn’t)

So what’s your take on KOF MI?

game is fun to play but is very broken

I haven’t seen much brokeness…But that’s a buzz word here, that and Teir.

Teir isn’t a word.

And KOFMI is indeed broke as shit.

its an acronym “TEIR–Tactical Engagement Instrumentation and Ranges”

If you think its just buzz words then you need go to back to Gaia and pretend to know something like almost everyone else there.

my arent we high and mighty today

I will admit kof mi CAN be fun but I really don’t see any competive-ness poltenial. 2d to 3d don’t do too well in general. If they make a 3d game, they should just make it orginal and not a 2d game with 3d graphics. Other enjoyable 2d/3d games…rival schools for me…MK and SF ex for some people.

the game is fun and i’ll play it, online or off. but as most have said, i dont take it too seriously.

But i still think SFEX was the best 2D to 3D translation…but since there was no sidestep, does it count as 3D

or was it Tier?

I’m really enjoying KOF MI, I did get my ass handed to me on live last night but I’ll get better.

I don’t really have any issues with the game You can turn Duke off on line. That helps.

but anyways I was just saying, I’ve noticed alot of “this game is broken” statements here. and alot of “______ is Top Tier” (when _____ isn’t) I just wanted to point that out.

That Minor gripe aside

Chae Lim is the Shit in this game
Yuri is alot more powerful than she should be
and Rock/Terry and Iori OWN all

and Mai is hotter in 3d.

This game still a shitty dub, or are there vocal options? I swear to god, if it were in japanes or there was an option, I’d have had it by now on ps2, even after seeing the broken-ass wall combos and near-deadly ground-to-wall juggles off of sweeps.

You can have the Japanese voices on the XBox.

Kyo & Alba Meira could pass for broken as well.

Iori suuuuuuuuuuuuucks in this game. In fact I think he is dead last.

Kyo, K’, Maxima, Alba are the top tiers as far as I can see.

I don’t think Alba is that powerful.

I haven’t used Kyo yet.

Yuri is insane. everybody I used before he Duke distoryed but I beat story with Yuri WITHOUT CONTINUING. Why can’t Yuri belike that in the 2d games?

Maybe the XBOX version has the Balence issues fixed?

Iori’s great in MI. Only Duke kicked my ass when I used Iori (I also had trouble VS Duke with Rock and Terry)

Maybe you are using the PS2 version as your Measuring stick for the Tiers?

Well, you’ve just gotten the game, so perhaps you haven’t completely been exposed to the balancing issues. There really isn’t a difference in gameplay from the ps2 version.

Maybe, The only time I know of Iori being weakend was in CVS2. in MI Iori is pretty decent but I’ll try using him on line…if I can find a battle with somebody of my NOOB skill level.

Also, if the other guy drop on you, you get the victory.

No lag whatsoever.

Instant rematch option.

Excellent, detailed tourney mode for up to 128 players (with PM database and all).

Okay man.

Damn, that’s awesome. Is this import, or is it out??