So I got KOF MI Maniax last night and

I dropped my first match (diddn’t know I had to choose then say I was ready) and I wasn’t delt a loss.

the game is quite fast on line too. I need to learn the ins and outs of this game.

Also Yuri’s 2nd outfit is awesome she needs to wear that in the 2d KOF.

But back to my orignal question is this as good IYO as 2d KOF?

I say yes.

from the broken crap ive been hearing about this game, no. im going to wait another month for the god tier kof2k2/2k3 pack for xbox live. no point in paying for an inferior game when kof2k2 is around the corner.

I like how Seth isn’t on those tier lists…

What cool stuff does Seth have?

Alba counters everything. He IS the top tier. I had this game for like two weeks on the PS2 and was done with it after tiering it. Iori is good, but second tier at best. Hell, anybody could win with all of the broken shit in this game. But when you face Alba thats it. Game over.

What does Alba have? I dunno if he can beat out chars like Maxima, especially in theory fighter (Maxima grab infinite).

So I played that game, gameplay wise not much different from the PS2 version. I must say that online and jap voices are great, though.

About tiering, I’m not a pro, but I know that Kyo is an OTG god in this game, and that Clark is pretty nerfed from his 2d incarnations. Alba does counters everything. And he only has 1 counter (no low or high version, though I dunno if he can counter crouch kicks) It’s pissing me off. Ryo is low tier too. K’ black out follow up (qcf+p, b+k) actually HITS the opponent, and that’s retarded, but it works. I find DPs pretty weak in this game, well compared to 2003 anyway. Of course I’m no pro, so feel free to correct me.

Funny. There was this one time I was challenging this opponent online (team battle) & performed an either Lvl.2 or 3 Buster Wolf (Terry) on his Alba. He simply countered the attack (all late into the super I must add) & he succeeded. Same thing happened with Rock’s modified BW as well. I was like WTF? That Alba counter works on supers with off timing?

Seth has the same goofy issues with his counters(high counter stops mids), all counters lead to juggle stupidity with his easy to combo supers, safe chains that lead to OTG combos that leads to his OTGable supers, and of course, his Lvl2.

And yeah, Maxima’s good and all, but you have to grab them first. It’s not like he has WW Gief throw range or something, especially considering how bad the rest of his moveset is. That Inf IS retarded though.

actually iori is pretty broken try this combo

Strong punch, HCB weak kick, DP weak punch, HCB strong kick, DP weak punch, QCF,HCB pucnch, QCFx3 P

that will actually connect

The Buster Wolf is a lvl 3 DM and it isn’t that good in this game. It lost a lot of speed, compared to other Games. It is a lot better to relay on his two Geyser DM’s, just alone, because you get way better damage and juggels out of it.

Anyway, everyone should check Kougas glitch FAQ and you see some broken features … Another thing is, that Kyo and K’ own everybody! They have great anti air moves, speed, long combos (with DM’s and OTG hits up to 80% damage) and extremly good DM’s.

The game is fun, but thanks to a really bad balance and a lot of bugs, not tournament worthy. I hope KOF:MI2 will be the shit and fix some of the problems of MI.^^

Yeah, I know about the glitch faq. It’s not much so the fact of the BW not being effective, but how that counter makes an attack easier to avoid than gaurding or dodging. It’s just bull how Alba can counter an entire lvl3 super, despite how effective the super is, it shouldn’t be countered with such ease (no matter HOW devastating the super proves). He’s an all-around broken character. I believe the only way to hit Alba when he performs the counter, is by either throwing him or hitting him with a projectile (unless he’s vulnerable to low kicks).

hmmmmm, pic please?

here you go

one other thing i didnt like about MI was that the boss wasnt hard. he was juss annoying with inifite super and the super that takes off 75% of the life.

I rank Duke with the Kriz from 99 not too cheap but just cheap enough to piss you off.

Alba can do that actually. He is THAT damn good. He is top tier. And his super is just stupid seeing as how its basically a nice barrier and it stays up for a bit too. And it could be comboed when near a wall. But I forget the combo seeing as how I traded my copy of this game a long time ago. And since his counter is so easy to do(QCF+K I believe) its easy to buffer at any moment.

Alba is the new guy with the sword but cant use?
if so… hes fucking top tier
his little sting into special is nearly unblockable.
kick kick kikc kikc low kick kick special… thats all u have to do.

He doesn’t carry a sword. He’s the dude that wears sunglasses and has long red hair.

The dude in the center…

I don’t see how that guy can be top tier. Can he counter lows? I mean K’ hits you with 1 sweep and does 80% (100% on CH). And then he has a great instant overhead (short jump LK-HK). What can Alba do off his sweep?