So I got married yesterday

I got married yesterday. Imagine my surprise when I saw our wedding cake, and the topper my missus had got custom made and shipped over from the UK. Did I marry the right chick or what?

Your wife must be the most awesome woman in all your continent. You, sir, are truly a lucky man.

That’s…actually cute. Atleast she knows and acknowledges your passion!

awesome. just awesome.

Tell your girl we all think she’s cool.

Your girl is cool for that one.

Congratulations btw!

grats! cute cake :3

definitely a keeper, congrats! :tup:

That is easily the coolest thing I have ever seen in my entire time on this plane of existence lol.

Congratulations man, enjoy it-

That is most excellent. Your wife has good taste.

now that is hella cool…lol too good.


Shit that thing is even pretty detailed. Looks like she’s a keeper. Thanks for sharing that! Nothing better than a woman that encourages your hobbies.

Can you eat that super turbo machine? Or is it just a sculpture?

Congrats on your wedding too.

Yeah ^ to what Pherai says, ultimate coolness that she encourages you instead of stopping you…


your sir are def a winner.

that is the most awesome cake I’ve ever seen!!! ur a very lucky man.


Congratulations brotha!

Did Duff make that cake? :wonder:

Random Passerby: "Who’s Duff!?"
Sas: >_>;

Too good. Congratz on on getting married.

Did you eat it?

That show isn’t that popular. I mean, a show about cakes? I’d never watch it if my girlfriend didn’t turn it on. But hey, they make some impressive stuff.

I hear ya.

They had a marathon of him and Anthony Bordain. Bordain [spelling] is pretty coo’.

congrats, ur wife is clearly a keeper, Im jealous !!