So I got my hori FS3 today

…and I can hardly do the dragon punch :yawn:
Seems like year of playing with pad won’t allow me to become the super-stick-fighter in a short time.

I must say the stick is really great for honda’s or bison’s fighting style, but well, ryu and sagat are giving me a hard time.

-> Is there any “how to hold a fighting stick” tutorial (-video) or something like that?

BTW the Psychopad Stick sucked a lot compared to this one :wink:
And it works just perfect on my PC, it’s connected via USB and I’m using no drivers.


You bastard.

That’s because you are doing the dragon punch wrong.

Make sure your motions are stopping at the at the diagonal. Believe it or not, I think japanese style sticks train you to execute better…making your game that much more consistent.

Is it really working on his PC? I don’t believe him.

A lot of people hold sticks different ways…just go on what feels comfortable. There really doesn’t seem to be one way that’s better than others.

Actually, if he’s using XP, then it probably will work. (if the stick is the one for the PS3), unfortunately under vista it wont work. =(

Im trying to work on something that’ll see the joystick as a keyfunction, but not using a program like joy2key, because the joystick obviously has to be known in order to be used.

Or just rip out the pcb. =P

I’ll buy the PCB for $20 shipped if you rip it out. :slight_smile:

Damn that Bomberman is quick :stuck_out_tongue: I wanted to ask the same.

No doubt, that guy is a frickin SNIPER.

If Bomberman dies and then you rip out the PCB I’ll buy it.

why does every one have a hard time switch from circular and square gates?

ill admit it was frustrating at first, but i had it down in like 2-3 days. just forget everything you know about playing on an american stick. i dunno but for me playing on a japp stick makes the game seem more fun. “pablo the mex” but for now since this is america im sticking with happ.

Yeah, Jumpsuit is right about the dragon punch motion, and about holding the joystick, everybody use different styles, my style is the eagle claw :pleased:, but as you get use to the stick youll find your own style, just keep practicing.

You’re welcome :rofl:

Look at this:
The stick:

The joypad controll window:

No drivers, no calibration, nothing. Just plugged it in and had fun :smokin:
And yes, I’ve got a XP system with SP2.

Wow, are you jumpsuite from zbattle net? Together with DGV you are some kind of legend :bgrin:

Maybe you all are right, I stopped doing useless moves like always guarding. I’ll keep practicing, but at this time I don’t think I’ll ever get as good as with the ps2-pad… It’s like playing sf for the first time…

Well…It’s like, I’ve never played with a stick b4 …

What the hell is a PCB anyway? :bgrin:

It’s the (printed) circuit board. Bomberman didn’t answer first so I guess we can presume he’s dead. Sell it to meee!! :rofl:

lol why do you guys think hes gonna swap the pcb?

Trust me, you’ll get used to it. I tried out Japanese sticks after a long hiatus of just US sticks and it was terrible. I won’t say it’s easy and you might need to find the right stick to get you started. For me it was the LS-32-01. But I don’t think that modding is a reasonable option for that stick.

In summary, just stick with it. It might take more than a week just to get the basics down.

eh, isn’t the PCB essential for the stick to work ? :wtf:

Yeah. The reason that they want the PCB is so that they can make a custom stick out of it. PCB’s are the heart or brains of a joystick while the buttons and stick are the muscles/bones.

The most preferred PCB is the PS1 controller (various manufacturers). I think that they want this PS3 one because it works on PC.

Actually most PS3 sticks work on PC now anyways…

I’m not quite dead yet! Sojazu said he might remove the PCB and replace it with a different one, which is why we were offering to buy his.

Not quite right. I have XP with SP2 and it doesn’t work for me. It has more to do with your computer’s CPU. Seems people with AMD raither than Intel CPU. Atleast that is what the 2 or 3 people here who said they got it to work on there PC.

I actually got it to work on my desktop (AMD Athlon 64 3500+) fine without any drivers. When i plugged the joystick in the USB right at the back of my computer, it started looking for drivers and then installed one and everything went well.

Then I went to my laptop thinking it would work as well (AMD Athlon 4000+), but when i plugged it into there it installed some drivers and it didn’t work.

I did notice one thing though, when I hooked it up to my desktop, it seemed like the drivers were actually downloaded instead of installing the regular usb drivers…not sure how that came about o_O. I guess it’s not all AMD’s…maybe desktops? =/