So I got my hori FS3 today

Mine works fine with MAME (athlon x2 4400 with XP SP2) but I’m also having trouble getting my moves down in SF3 when playing on the PS3. Maybe it has something to do with the PS3 itself.
guest7- are you playing on the ps3 or are you having trouble with the pc as well?

Can some one post a pic of the HFS3 PCB?

It worked on my pc as well. Tried it out on 3 more of my friends, no such luck there.

Doesn’t work on my laptop or other PCs at home.

so is the FS3 a decent (not good, not great) alternative to the HRAP for people who can’t afford it?

I frequently use the US-style at the arcade, and the square-gate JPN kind at home. At first my game was way better on the square gate, and now they are both at the same level. I don’t have to make any mental adjustments or deal with frustrations. The only thing that might occasionally throw me off is a stiff spring in Happ/il/Cheapy.

Also, I use a Seimitsu for my own stick, and I simply cannot quite stand a Sanwa. Sanwas tend to feel a lot looser, it’s like swinging around a drunken GI Joe action figure, who has his feet glued to the ground.

Edit: Hmm, new custom custom stick idea.

To be honest I never really liked the bulkiness of the HRAP…hell I don’t even like the positioning of the buttons on the HRAP.

The FS3 is a good alternative, but a bit of a bitch to mod.

Adding to this, does the HRAP 3 definitely work for PC?

The FS3 is not a good alternative, the sticks and buttons are all crap Hori quality ones. Something like a VSHG is a good alternative, except for that whole 3 input thing.

Hey, I just wanted to confirm that the Hori FS3 will work on systems using Windows XP SP2. My friends and I are going to invest in some for GGPO use, and I don’t want to recommend them sticks that won’t work for that purpose. So, if we all have the OS above, will things work out?

Also, I run an Intel Duo Core 2 cpu, if that information helps at all.

I don’t mean to bump too old of a thread, but there seem to be a lot of Hori threads so I didn’t want to make a new one. Thank you for your time!

Lazy, doesn’t it state in this thread that nobody knows exactly what makes the stick work on some PCs but not others? I wouldn’t buy this stick specifically for PC use; others have far better compatibility.

Yeah, I just got confused because mikeroch confirmed HRAP3 working on PC, and I wasn’t sure if that had implications for the Hori FS3 or not. Believe me, I’ve read the thread, I just wanted to get a definitive answer. It sounds like I’m going to have to pursue a HRAP3 despite its price tag, then. Thank you!

I just got my FS3 the other day. I havent been to an arcade in about 5 years, so i dont even remember how to play on the stick.

I tried to do the Abel challenges, cant get past the 3rd normal trial.

To get used to playing mainly on a stick, I am going to play arcade mode on very easy and work my way up in difficulty. If I can beat the game in the hardest setting with a stick, I should be back in the game building up BP.

It’ll work, but the stick is pretty bad and it is much harder to mod than the HRAP