So, I got my TE stick today


And I suck with it, I play SO much better with the madcatz fight pad.
I find the stick has to far of a throw for me, I keep pressing the buttons to soon, I can’t do moves fast enough.

And the square re-stricter, ugh I hate that so much, why is square the default… shouldn’t the default be circular?

Uhg it sucks I was so excited now I am crying on the inside because I am probably going to send it back to Amazon.


just suck it up and practice


Took me a few years to get usto a stick…now I cant even do 3 hit combos on a pad.
Stick with it…


lol wow, almost simulataneous posts, what up Starcade!!!


I dunno guys, I feel ya, but I can move my thumb really fast…


This needs to stop. I think there needs to be infractions for people who keep posting about how much they suck with arcade sticks, getting used to square gates, switching to octo gates, etc. Its been done to death, the answer to all your questions is PRACTICE


Technique questions do not belong here. If you can’t pull off a move then practice it until you can.


You just have to practice. It’s like with any tool. A person does not magically become an expert when he/she obtains a high grade tool. You may feel awkward or uncomfortable, but trust me, after a few weeks, you’ll appreciate it.