So I got SF Anniversary collection the other day

…and I have a few questions.

-I’m mostly getting into SF gaming, since I’m used to playing the Vs. series and Smash bros. what are some pointers?

-in Hyper SF2, is Akuma still the best, or is the additon of other SF games actually able to balance him?

-how long does it usually take to get used to parrying in 3rd strike?

-also on parrying, are there any charcters that parry better then others, or are they all the same?

-why is HSF2 so damn hard? I have WW and had super and it wasn’t that brutal damn!

that’s pretty much it for now.

Akuma is banned in SF2

i dont know if akuma is the best. think he’s the same as always, powerful but weak defense. someone can correct me if im wrong on that. all the character’s parry the same so it doesnt matter. i forgot how to parry so i dont know how long it will take to parry. why is hsf2 hard? dont know, i think ssf2thdr is hard as hell at times that makes me wanna say fukc it

Akuma is broke in all iterations of SFII.
Parrying takes practice.