So I have a daughter


Thats right folks, me and the wife have a beautiful daughter. Her name is Isabel Marie. She was born March 21st at 11:45pm and she was 19 1/2 inches long and weighed in at 8lbs 2oz.

My wife had a C-section, it was pretty gross. She did good though and im proud of her. The baby is healthy and all that jazz.

Word, so I thought I woudl share that with ya’ll. Im stocked and cant wait till they come home. I need to get to sleep so I can get rested up and go visit tomorrow. Im all worked up though…


Congrats man :tup:
Just wait till she’s 13, sweetness will go :tdown:


I came in here expecting something else. SRK has warped my mind.

Oh and congrats on the baby. :lol:


Big ole grats man. 5 weeks and counting until my girl, let’s just call her “Mynx” will be here.

I also find it funny that at the time of posting, this thread is directly above the female gamers thread. Coincidence? I think not. Grats! :tup:


Congrats man, I hope you’re all well :tup:


I had an asian daughter a few months back…Congrats


Hey, I always wanted to do this:

You are now aware of the fact that every porno actress is someone’s daughter.


Why does this sound like some ‘troll’ post? Did you really have to tell us you had an ASIAN daughter? I had a black kid a while back…


Congratulations… but now you have to deal with setting up a secure perimeter around her room, along with tracking devices, maintaining your weapons, and of course depriving her of any pics/video-to-internet-capable technology until she is at least 18. This is the hard work I’ve always envisioned as part of the deal with raising a daughter…it should provide an interesting challenge. Actually, it sounds kind of fun to play out the role of the psycho-Batman overprotective dad.


congrats bro, post some pics when you get the chance.


congrats dude, teach her how to play 4th and DM before she turns 8 and she will be the smartest kid in school.


That’s a big baby.


Congrats!! best wishes to your new family :slight_smile:



now go home and be a family man.


lol are you new?

@ dirzzt360: Gratz


Congrats on your new family.

Million has a point, time to DAD THAT SHIT DOWN! :lol:


Thats his thing

OP what are you going to get her on her first bday, hor, HRAP


good on the C-section…

baby mangled vagina freaks me out

edit: btw, am I the only one who was kinda expecting a Hakan joke here?


Always interesting when people give precise dimensions of a baby.


Congrats, in 15 years a shotgun will be your best friend

From Million